Digital Playground: Social Networking for Kids

Jul 2, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

There’s been an on-going issue with whether or not to let children on social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook. Of course the reasons why someone wouldn’t let their kids on these site are a given and whether we like it or not kids are illegally signing up for and logging into these “grown up” social media sites.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) prevents websites from gathering any personal information from kids who are under the age 13 without their parents’ permission. But, what if there were social networking sites just for young kids?

Now there is a Facebook-like networking site called Togetherville. Parents are able to sign their children up for this site through their own Facebook accounts and select friends for them by searching for kids, friends and family members just as they would search for people on their own accounts. Another site called What’s is an extremely secure site for kids that prompts parents to sign them up by using credit card information and three pictures taken with a webcam of their child for the sites records.

Another fun and safe social network that kids are able to use is ScuttlePad. To sign onto this site kids must enter in their favorite color, birthday, first name and their parent’s email address. The parents then must approve it via email before the child can have any access to the site. Only first names are used on this site and all pictures submitted by kids are manually approved by ScuttlePad. Two other sites kids can safely use are giantHello and Skid-e Kids, try ‘em out for your pre-teen.

These sites are much more age-appropriate and safe for young children then letting them be exposed to the adult-related content and pictures posted daily on Facebook and other social networks.


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