Timeline Movie Maker: Is the New Facebook Feature Awesome or Unnerving?

May 30, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

I remember the eerie unwelcome emotion I felt a few months back when I uploaded several pictures of my friends to a Facebook album only to discover Facebook had cleverly tagged each and every one of them for me. I watched a familiar square black box wrap around my friend’s smiling face, completely unsettled that it had recognized her features, so much so, that for each picture of her, each silly face, Facebook managed to pin point her. That disconcerting, yet compelling, feeling has resurfaced when I discovered the revamping of the wildly unpopular Facebook timeline.

The fresh spin, clearly created to entice users into falling for the disappointing new layout, comes in the form of the Timeline Movie Maker. Anyone with a Facebook account, which is clad with 50 public photos or more, can create a one minute movie clip complete with their Timeline statuses, photos, and videos.

Cool enough right? It’s certainly a good strategy to tempt some of the many naysayers with a fresh new feature. Still, that uncomfortable feeling was creeping up on me yet again. It appears that Timeline Movie Maker has the ability to sweep through your profile, picking and choosing specific photos. It searches through to find nostalgia driven photographs from the past as wellas finds precise pictures where you’re looking your best. After it knocks out the 60 second film, users can choose from a music list and watch as their memories roll through to the beat of the songs.

I can’t help but admit how cool I find it; I’m a sucker for such things. I also believe any Facebook user would be tempted to give the feature a shot. What I do find unsettling is how much more clever this social media site gets day by day. How impressive, I think, that the Timeline Movie Maker can simply pitter along, scooping up flattering photographs and fond memories. It leaves me feeling exactly how I felt when I watched the site tag each and every one of my friends for me. I can’t help but wonder how it knows so much. Its intelligence leaves me feeling a little too Big Brother for my liking.

Again, I certainly won’t deny how remarkable it is. What a wonderful little feature. It’s almost like Facebook’s little white flag; an apology for the Timeline that so many people are cringing at. They’re saying, “We’re forcing you to get a Timeline, but look at all your memories flashing before you! Enjoy!” Timeline Movie Maker was created by the social media marketing agency Definition 6 and videos cannot be embedded so they can only be shared using Facebook. Is this neat little tool fun or a bit unnerving? Will you be giving the movie maker a try?


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