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To Tumblr or Not to Tumblr: Brands and Advertising

​Big news for Tumblr: clothing retailer Club Monaco is going to the social media platform to showcase its new lookbook.

Big news for Tumblr: clothing retailer Club Monaco is going to the social media platform to showcase its new lookbook.

Only a few weeks ago, Tumblr’s announcement that it was starting to run mobile advertisements was met with some skepticism. The ads are native, meaning that they’re meant to blend in with rather than be separate from the website’s content, like a banner ad. CEO David Karp says that Club Monaco chose this platform so that the company would “be able to inject advertisements there in a way that’s really not disruptive and not interruptive.”

According to Mashable, the Ralph Lauren-owned fashion brand has cast prominent Tumblr bloggers to model its collections that are available now, as well as those in their upcoming fall collection. Like any other post, users can reblog, save and share images. When the items are available to purchase, viewers will be linked to the Club Monaco website. Their theme is also available for other Tumblr users to use on their own blogs.ABC Entertainment and ABC Family, GE, Pepsi, and Warner Bros. were all partners in the ad launch. However, many of the brands at are not very active – especially compared to their Facebook and Twitter sites. There are a few companies, noticeably in the fashion industry, that invest real time in Tumblr, such as Sephora, Kate Spade and – most recently – Club Monaco.

What’s so special about Club Monaco’s approach? Their content on Tumblr is meant to be truly interactive: coming from bloggers and being dispersed by bloggers. Ann Watson, Club Monaco’s VP of Marketing and Communications spoke to Mashable about the move: “We’re basically taking a PR tool and making it into a social media platform. With the line between traditional press and consumer press blurring, thanks to social media, we feel the social lookbook is a reflection of this trend and respectful of the social media outlets that drive so much interest in our brand story.”

So why not Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram? For Watson, Tumblr meets two key requirements:

1. It’s visually based, to allow users to share photos.

2. It allows the user to have complete customization and control the brand image. There is no mention of using paid ads. Instead, it’s all about the bloggers.

Is advertising on Tumblr for everyone? Who can take advantage of blending platform and content in this way?

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