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What to Expect When You Outsource Your Marketing

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Have you ever been at a crossroads trying to create a successful marketing campaign while also juggling your client’s tight deadlines and then wondering which priority should take precedence over the other?

Sometimes you need to dive deep into your creative side to really hit the mark on creative assets, but this may take time that your client doesn’t have. In this situation, you might want to think about outsourcing your marketing to give your client and their customers the engaging content they deserve.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect when you outsource your marketing.


Benefits of Utilizing an Agency for your Content

Leveraging your brand and positioning yourself competitively in any industry can greatly influence a brand’s future success. Nearly every company wants to maximize sales and profits. There are many ways to achieve this goal and approach your customers to build loyalty among them when offering goods or services, ultimately benefiting both parties.

Many business owners proceed with caution during the launch period of a new brand, campaign, or product as it is typically the most impactful, yet stressful ingredient in their recipe for success. With that said, there is an easy way to combat this anxious feeling and set yourself up for success – outsourcing your marketing efforts to a Digital Marketing Agency.

A dedicated external digital marketing partner can offer a full-service team to create the ROI you are looking for and drive optimal traffic to your brand. But what does external marketing exactly mean?

Well, there are many ways to answer this question, but in simple terms, it consists of delegating projects and tasks to professionals outside of your organization who will contribute to your efforts of achieving KPIs and increasing profits through well-designed strategies.

Outsourcing Marketing

Does a Hybrid Approach Work? (Some in-house and some outsourced)

If you decide to outsource to a full-service digital marketing agency to fulfill your marketing efforts, there are a few ways to manage collaborative efforts. Some companies will hand off all of the work, from strategies, content plans, designs, and everything in between, to an agency to execute these needs. 

On the other hand, there is an approach that offers a hybrid dynamic that allows the brand and the digital marketing agency to have more continuity and collaboration within the work being done. Some of the benefits of this model include more ownership in the final product, broader perspectives, learning opportunities for the brand, and ultimately better results. One of the keys to success with this model is transparency and communication.

While there will be more moving parts and people working on different details simultaneously, these aspects are important to keep top of mind so work is not duplicated and the outcome is effectively impacting the final product. 

Resources to Find Outsourced Content Creators

One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself when deciding if outsourced marketing is right for you is whether or not you will be hiring freelance specialists or an expert digital marketing agency. A good starting point to answering this question would be assessing the scope of work and what is to be accomplished.

While a freelancer may be cheaper than an agency, their capacity and capabilities will be much more limited. A freelancer may be a good source if you are looking to tackle a single project or specific area but keep in mind that if you need help in a more overarching manner, such as a building and executing strategy, it may be wise to use an advertising and digital marketing agency.

When you decide the capacity at which you need marketing support, the next step is to track down the proper resources. Please see below for a few resources that can be of help to your company:

  • Upwork Tap into Freelancers and Digital Marketing Agencies who are ready to take your business to the next level and grow your business.
  • FiverrAccess thousands of talented freelancers that are qualified, vetted, and backed by industry leaders for services your company needs today. 
  • SEMRushA platform helping captivate your audience through SEO tools, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing


Challenges to Expect

Regardless of your outsourced marketing approach (hybrid or not) you will need to set the expectation for the challenges that will arise. One of the biggest challenges you may face is the lack of specific industry experience in things such as content writing. For example, writers may not have the knowledge or level of expertise to deliver quality messaging and tone of voice, so it is crucial to provide as much background information as possible.

Communication issues can also arise as you will not be the only client a freelancer or agency is working with at the time. Approvals may take slightly longer as well since you don’t have the physical proximity to schedule a last-minute meeting or assign new tasks as easily.

Setting realistic expectations and deadlines are some things that can’t go unnoticed when making plans and scheduling deliverables to your clients. However, this process can be much smoother and contribute to achieving the results you desire for your business by outsourcing your marketing. 


Choosing the Right Partner

If you’re in the market for a digital marketing partner for your business, be sure to explore Our Services page. At fishbat, we specialize in a range of digital content creation and can create a partnership where you can have as much or as little creative control as you’d like.

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