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Why Using WordPress Makes the Most Sense for a Small Company


When it comes to content management systems, WordPress stands head and shoulders above the rest. Given that approximately 20 percent of all websites use it, this should come as little surprise. WordPress features everything from streamlined content management to widgets that provide additional features including SEO assistance. Long Island web design companies recommend this platform, not just for large, well-known establishments but small companies looking to make an impact.

In short, WordPress makes the most sense for a small company researching content management systems. Content plays a pivotal role in every facet of marketing, including Long Island website development, SEO, and branding. What brings out the potential of content is the CMS associated with it. Here are just a few benefits that WordPress provides.

Easy Access

If a business owner is on the move, they won’t be able to perform their work from a computer during every hour of the day. WordPress understands this, which is why it has made websites easy to access from different locations. What if the business owner in question has to wait at a coffee shop to meet a client or catch a train to the city? They will be able to pick up on the WordPress-related work where they left off, no questions asked. This is made possible due to the content management system’s mobile app, which provides the same functionality as the desktop experience, albeit on a smaller screen.


One of the key features that determines how a website ranks is responsiveness. For example, if a restaurant has a website that functions well on desktop but slows down or is difficult to read on mobile, it will be less likely to show up in SERPs. Not all websites are mobile-friendly; this is where WordPress shines. Essentially, when a website is developed using WordPress, it will be responsive across different platforms. This will ensure higher rankings, which leads to more traffic, engagement, and potential leads. Given that more people are on the move, as alluded to earlier, the importance of responsive web design can’t be emphasized enough.


For business owners that are concerned about the complexity of WordPress, rest easy knowing that a degree in coding or information technology won’t be required to use it. WordPress makes the user experience as easy as possible, ensuring that anyone can use it, regardless of skill level. Everything from uploading images to writing and publishing blog posts can be done with ease. These features are seamlessly woven together to help users navigate from one section to the next. When it comes to user-friendly content management systems, WordPress is a standout.


When one thinks of a brand, certain colors, images, and font styles are likely to come to mind. Needless to say, these should be front and center on a website, which is another muscle that WordPress flexes. WordPress provides a deep level of customization that not only spans the aforementioned attributes but overall layouts. One website developed with this CMS won’t look the same as another. In fact, the average user may not be able to tell that the same CMS was used to bring both to life. WordPress is advised for the purpose of designing a site that showcases a brand’s unique flair.

Team Structure

What if a website is managed by a group instead of an individual? WordPress allows accounts to be built for several users. This feature is strengthened by the fact that these users can be assigned different credentials depending on their levels. Case and point, for a news site, a contributor may only be able to write articles and submit them for review. Conversely, an editor will be able to perform these actions, in addition to administrative endeavors ranging from publishing to performing overall website maintenance. WordPress makes the team structure in question easy so that the responsibility of the site doesn’t fall squarely on the shoulders of one user.

Plugin Functionality

Perhaps the most useful feature of WordPress, depending on how it’s implemented by business owners, is the litany of plugins that can be utilized. Some will be more worthwhile than others, but each one should be given a spin. Yoast, for example, is designed with search engine optimization in mind. It can determine the SEO-friendliness of content, from its length to keyword saturation and beyond. Constant Contact can be used for email marketing purposes. For websites that allow users to sign up for newsletters, this can prove to be an invaluable plugin. Try different options to determine which ones best complement your site.

These are just a few advantages that WordPress offers small companies. This content management system is highly functional without being too complicated for users to jump into. For a better understanding of WordPress, and the long-term advantages it can offer businesses, consult your local Long Island web design company.

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