Will the Facebook Stock Ever Bounce Back? Have a Little Faith.

Aug 3, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

Recently on Mashable an info-graphic depicted the decline of Facebook’ s stock and it does not look promising. Since the social media giant released its IPO to the public, Facebook stock prices came in like lion and went out like a lamb and no one seems to understand why.

With millions of users and a share cost of $24, investors are expressing their concern for Facebook’s poor performance on the market. With such a dip from the stock’s original $38 mark, investors are concerned if the social media giant will ever bounce back.

With Facebook creating more features like “Save for Later” and buying up programs like Instagram, it is only a matter of time before Facebook investors will get what they ask for. I predict that the social media giant will surprise us all just as they do every year and the best is yet to come.

While Zuckerberg’s sister might work for Google, there are success stories that Facebook benefits its users regardless of all the Timeline updates. With the growing number of online marketing companies and digital firms, the success of Facebook should not only be measured in stock options.

If you piece together all of Facebook’s features and the possible changes that could inevitably improve the site itself, I believe that Facebook will not only move upwards in their stock prices but will surpass the mighty Google.

So Facebook investor... have a little faith. In time you will see just what Facebook can do.


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