The Industry Standard: Why Businesses Should Use WordPress Website Design Companies

Sep 21, 2018 -- Posted by : admin

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The internet has become a central part of our culture, and we’re spending more time online than ever before. Whether we’re laughing at memes, doing some online shopping, or posting selfies to Instagram, it’s now possible to find pretty much anything you’re looking for through a simple web search. The online sphere is far different than what it used to be, and over the past few years we’ve really started to see a surge in multimedia-centric content. Successful sites really hit it out of the park when it comes to graphic design, and if you want to compete you’re going to need to do that too.

Think about your own browsing habits. When you’re searching for information or entertainment online, would you spend a ton of time on a text-heavy page with no attention to design? Or would you gravitate towards pages that combine an attractive layout with easy-to-access information? Your customers want a site that is nice to look at and easy to navigate, and that’s not always easy to achieve.

Designing a website used to require professionals with knowledge of languages like HTML and CSS, but the advent of services like WordPress has made it easy for most anyone to put together an attractive website. With that said, businesses will still see an incredible value from employing experts in WordPress website design, and here’s why.

WordPress: What Does It Have to Offer?

Let’s kick things off with a brief discussion on what exactly WordPress is and what it brings to the table.

Web development used to take a lot of specialized knowledge of website programming languages. Creating a professional website required employing the services of web designers, and it was very difficult for the average joe to develop an attractive and effective online presence.

Services like WordPress offer a solution to that problem. With a number of free and professional themes available and the ability to easily adjust layout and content through a UI rather than coding, it offered unprecedented convenience to individuals and businesses alike.

But when you dig a little deeper, it becomes apparent than WordPress is far more than a simple way to design a beautiful website. It’s a fully-featured content management system that offers savvy users a huge amount of control over the website’s function and optimization.

It takes a deeper level of knowledge to understand the inner workings of WordPress and how to apply them to the benefit of the business. While the need for extensive programming knowledge may have been lessened, the WordPress platform offers a huge amount of potential for those who have the tools to use all aspects of its functionality.

This is where hiring companies that specialize in WordPress website design comes in. By putting your business’s website development in the hands of a capable team of professional marketers, you’re setting your website up for success.

Content Management Systems: What Can They Do for Your Business?

The real power of WordPress comes not in its ability to produce attractive layouts, but in all of the benefits that a comprehensive content management system has to offer.

By default, WordPress has a basic suite of features that help in the managing of your website. You’ll have the ability to create various types of pages, tweak the layout to your liking, and publish content with ease.

Where the advantages of WordPress as a content management system really starts to shine, however, are in the plugins. The platform is built with customization in mind, and there are thousands of add-ons that add additional functionality to your website. From managing storefronts to optimizing SEO, there are a variety of professional tools - both free and paid - that allow you complete control over your online content.

Professional WordPress development firms have a wealth of experience in optimizing every aspect of websites, and a lot of this comes to effective management of plugins. A small investment in retaining the services of a team experienced with the platform can extend the functionality of your website far beyond the basic and into more professional territory.

Once you have your website set up with the various tools you need to optimize your online presence, you can move forward with publishing content, making sales, and promoting your business as an industry leader.

Why You Need A Professional Firm

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We’ve spent some time talking about how WordPress website design takes a lot of the hassle out of effective web development, but why exactly do you need the services of WordPress website design companies?

Be Unique: Make Your Website Stand Out

There are a variety of beautiful templates available that are fine for many situations, but if you really want a custom website the process is a little bit more involved. In order to move around elements on the site from default locations, a certain amount of knowledge of PHP is required. WordPress website design companies are very familiar with the process of tweaking sites to meet your specifications. What you’re paying for when you employ professionals is a personalized experience and a great degree of control over the finished product.

If you’re happy with a site that looks pretty similar to the average WordPress site, you may be fine on your own. But doesn’t it make more sense to have something truly unique? To really get the most out of your website, it may take specialized knowledge that you just don’t have. There’s nothing wrong with bringing in the experts, and a quality team will work with you every step of the way to really give you what you need.

Custom Graphics

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We talked a bit about how WordPress eliminates the need for HTML and CSS knowledge, and that’s true for the average user. However, just as moving elements around requires some coding knowledge, creating custom graphics requires some familiarity with these web design languages. Any development firm worth their salt will have designers that can create beautiful custom templates and imagery that truly set your site a step above the competition.

Optimizing CRO

You’ve probably heard of the idea of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, but getting people to visit your website is only half of the equation. All of the traffic in the world won’t mean much if users aren’t engaging with your site, so it’s important to optimize content to drive potential customers to action. Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, refers to the process of designing a website in a way that maximizes user engagement and drives them to action. Whether it’s signing up for an email list, reading a specific article, or buying a product, there’s an art and a science to turning views into profit.

Unless you have a background in marketing, chances are that you’re not fully clued in on how to design your WordPress site to maximize CRO. A team of professionals can optimize content for SEO to increase rankings, and design the layout with CRO in mind to make traffic more valuable. A full-service firm with both marketing and web development experience is key to really getting the most out of your website.

Digging Deeper: Unlock Your Website’s Full Potential

WordPress is an incredibly popular platform that is quite simple at face value, but we hope we’ve made it clear that there’s a lot more to the platform than meets the eye.

Whether you have a complete version for the perfect website, or you need some guidance to help you out along the way, the difference between an amateur and a professional WordPress site is readily apparent.

So, if you’d like to dig deeper and really unlock your website’s true potential, consider putting your business in the hands of companies that specialize in WordPress website design. You won’t regret it!