WWE Network: Social Media Bang or Bust?

Mar 11, 2013 -- Posted by : admin

After watching Social Media SmackDown two Fridays ago, my views on the World Wrestling Entertainment’s networking skills are none too high. In fact, I’d make the claim that they are better off backing out of the race before the gunshot’s fired. Even though I have a less-than-exceptional view of WWE’s social media outing so far, I remain optimistic. It seems like I have to be that way, especially with a speculated WWE network about to be unveiled.

Vince McMahon, chairman and CEO of the wrestling conglomerate, recently delivered a statement about this possible WWE channel. He said that the network would be launched in practically all markets, not just in the United States but internationally as well. He would go on to say that it would, ...take advantage of our presence online and in social media.” Considering that WWE’s presence in social media hasn’t been that great, it’s hard to hold out a lot of hope.

Where exactly would social media marketing focus in on the network? Well, thanks to WWE’s proposed media presence, it’s going to come in handy in the development of digital products. If you’re a fan of mobile gaming, for example, you may be interested. Whether the mobile content stands as actual premium content like full-fledged games or simple trivia apps that are only worth a dollar or so remains to be seen.

WWE’s constant social media usage is like going to a diner, receiving meatloaf instead of prime rib, and going back next week because you want to give it another chance. That’s what I feel like I’m doing with this company and its obvious lack of sight with websites like Facebook and Twitter. As much as WWE has burned me - as well as other wrestling fans - in the realm of networking, I’d like to see them do better.

I’m going to try and remain as optimistic as possible and hope that this network, if it comes into fruition, catches on. If it happens, I’ll gladly eat my virtual hat and Tweet about it while I dine on the Velcro strap.


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