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10 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block Digital Marketers Must Know

Writer's Block

Have you ever had the inspiration to write but may not know how to continue or even where to begin? Were you in the middle of a script or piece of content, only to hit a mental roadblock, preventing you from moving forward? This is a situation known as writer’s block, which is more common than most realize. Whether one is involved in creating science fiction novels, authoring lengthy anthologies, or curating social media marketing content, writer’s block can arise in various situations.

Despite this, it may comfort others to know that writer’s block is temporary. The aforementioned mental roadblock can be cleared sooner, however, with the right approach. By following these 10 tips, not only will a digital marketer overcome writer’s block but create better content in the future.

Understand that Writer’s Block is Normal – It’s easy to become downtrodden upon experiencing writer’s block. Despite this, understand that this situation is entirely normal for those that create. In fact, with tens of thousands of people employed in writing today, you may be surprised by how normal of an occurrence writer’s block is. The sooner that a digital marketer comes to terms with this, the sooner they can determine ways to solve the problem at hand.

Develop a Content Calendar – In many situations, writer’s block is the result of poor or nonexistent planning. To this end, a digital marketing agency may recommend the creation of a content calendar. This provides an individual or business with a roadmap of sorts, whether it’s in regard to blogs, press releases, social media copy, or any other digital content. A content calendar can go as far as a few weeks or even a month into the future. Having a pre-established plan may stave off writer’s block.

Remove Distractions – Another reason why one may suffer writer’s block is that they’re working in a busy environment. This is especially true now, as most people find themselves working from home. Everything from TVs to video games to even the smartphones we carry from place to place can be distracting. In turn, writing content becomes difficult. Removing these distractions, or even shifting to an entirely different location, will have a positive impact on one’s content output.

Know the Audience – Next, consider that a lack of understanding of one’s audience can result in writer’s block. After all, if you don’t know who to write for, how can high-quality content come to fruition? Know your audience’s behavior, whether it’s their buying decisions, the content they engage with most on social media, or what have you. This information can kickstart the mind, making way for seamless content creation.

Writer's Block

Find Inspiration from Others – Do you have a favorite book, magazine, or blog? It’s possible that one of these will be the key to solving your writer’s block woes. When a digital marketer is creatively stumped, it may be in their best interest to refer to work they enjoy reading. Not only does this provide the mind with a break, which we will discuss in further detail later, but it could be the launchpad needed to create new, engaging content.

Repurpose Content – In the event of writer’s block, perhaps a digital marketer doesn’t have to create entirely new content. For years, marketers have been able to repurpose what they’ve already created, presenting it to their audiences in new ways. For example, if a year-old blog post is still relevant, it may be transformed into a whitepaper or e-book. This won’t apply to each piece of content, so choose what you’d like to repurpose wisely.

Practice Your Writing – Writer’s block can occur due to a lack of mental activity. Much like any other endeavor, the longer that one is inactive, the more difficult it will be to pick it back up. It can’t be stressed enough: practice, practice, practice. This mindset will help a digital marketer improve, regardless of the written content they specialize in. Moreover, it will reduce the likelihood of writer’s block occurring in the future.

Assess the Competition – Depending on the industry a digital marketer is involved in, competitors that understand content creation exist. Needless to say, this is where assessing said competitors comes into play, which provides a marketer with tremendous insight. It will allow them to see what types of content perform best. This knowledge can help create better marketing strategies. Just as importantly, however, it may eliminate hurdles related to writer’s block.

Establish a Routine – Consider creating a routine that you can base your writing habits on. You may feel more creative in the morning or perhaps you find ideas coming to you easiest later in the day. No matter your situation, establishing a writing routine helps considerably. It will allow you to write based on a schedule, resulting in work that you will not mentally struggle to bring to life.

Take Breaks – If all else fails, it may benefit a digital marketer to take a break. Writing for an extended length of time can result in burnout; this is simply the nature of any creative endeavor. To help reduce said burnout, take a moment to remove yourself from your work. Go on a walk, watch TV, or anything else that won’t take a further mental toll. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break. Giving your mind a chance to relax goes a long way in reducing future bouts of writer’s block.

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