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5 Halloween Digital Marketing Tips for the Holiday

Halloween Digital Marketing

Halloween is slowly but steadily approaching, and businesses would be wise to take advantage of this time of year. It’s easy to see why, as it’s among the most popular holidays of the year. Did you know that, to some degree or another, over 148 million Americans celebrate Halloween? This can be done in a number of ways, such as taking one’s children to go trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins at home, or simply enjoying a horror movie marathon on TV. Whatever the case may be, Halloween is immensely popular. For this reason, businesses may look to digital marketing firms for guidance on how to maximize this spooky holiday. A few Halloween digital marketing tips can go a long way.

Of course, digital marketing during Halloween will be more applicable to certain companies than it will be for others. Retailers may be the most likely to shift their focus, as they provide products such as costumes, candy, and decorations that will go on sale months before the holiday in question takes place. This doesn’t mean that other industries can’t take part, however, which is where the following insight will come into play. Here are 5 Halloween digital marketing tips to know as All Hallows’ Eve inches closer.

1. Change your business’s graphics. When it comes to Halloween digital marketing, presentation goes a long way. Even if slight changes are made, they can make a collective difference in how users perceive brands. The more relevant that a business presents itself as, especially during major holidays such as Halloween, the more likely it is that users will give them their business. Focus on designing spooky graphics, as well as using Halloween-specific colors including orange and black. However, ensure that every graphic that’s designed speaks back to the brand being represented. Are you in need of new graphics or a website redesign for the holiday? Consider speaking to a Long Island web design agency to learn more.

Halloween Digital Marketing

2. Place specific products at the forefront. Leading up to Halloween, certain products should be prioritized over others. Chief among these are children’s costumes and candy, the latter of which are typically sold in large bundles to convenience customers and help them save money. However, the prioritizing of specific products extends far beyond these common examples. For instance, a restaurant may introduce special foods or beverages in celebration of Halloween. Such items include, but aren’t limited to, caramel apples and pumpkin spice drinks. The sooner these wares are promoted, leading up to Halloween, the better they will sell.

3. Embrace the fun side of Halloween. When one thinks of Halloween, one often considers the eerier elements of the holiday, many of which are inspired by passed-down legends, horror films, and the like. However, this isn’t to say that the more lighthearted aspects of the holiday can’t be embraced. In fact, from a digital marketing standpoint, it’s recommended that they are. M&Ms, for example, released a short film in 2018 in an effort to promote their limited-edition pumpkin M&Ms candy. As expected from the brand in question, the film captured the carefree spirit many people love about Halloween. Simply put, this holiday doesn’t always have to be shrouded in mystery and suspense.  

4. Consider live and virtual events alike. If there’s anything that has been learned about COVID-19, from a business standpoint, it’s that there are multiple ways to engage an audience. To this end – and to help companies with their Halloween digital marketing efforts – consider options for live and virtual events. Haunted hour tours aren’t uncommon during the holiday; for many people, in fact, they are among the most fun attractions Halloween has to offer. However, as people became more cognizant of social distancing, opportunities including virtual tours and get-togethers became more commonplace. When it comes to event planning, there are numerous possibilities to weigh.

5. Consider your audience. Halloween digital marketing hinges on creativity, though it’s important to consider your audience and what they will be receptive to. In other words, what would they find off-putting? If you’re marketing toward an older audience that may not find outlandish imagery that evokes extreme horror, tone down the element of horror in question. Furthermore, you may wish to eliminate certain types of digital marketing if you believe that said audience isn’t as apt to use specific mediums. Case and point, if your audience doesn’t use specific social media channels, focus on email marketing campaigns instead. By keeping your audience, as well as their values, in mind, you’ll be able to market more efficiently leading up to Halloween.

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