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5 Marketing Tips to Consider Post-COVID

5 Marketing Tips to Consider Post-COVID

Earlier this year, following the COVID pandemic, businesses had to revamp their operations. From implementing remote work capabilities to overhauling content, the steps that have been involved in maintaining operations have been numerous. For several businesses, determining the best course of action during COVID has been the priority. While this should be the case until the pandemic has subsided, business owners should consider the best course of action to take post-COVID. In other words, what should they know to do once a sense of normalcy sets back in?

Any online marketing company will attest to the notion that business won’t be the same as it was pre-COVID. Such elements as purchasing behavior and user navigation are just a few examples of data that have helped marketers better understand their audiences. However, elements such as these are likely to be different, especially when more people will be mindful of what they spend or the items they consider essential. Simply put, one cannot simply lean on the pre-COVID strategy that they had to do away with during the months prior. A unique approach will be required. To succeed in a post-COVID world, here are 5 marketing tips to keep in mind.

Continue to Prioritize Digital Media

When the COVID pandemic hit, a number of businesses knew to shift their focus to digital media. Brick and mortar businesses couldn’t operate from their standard locations as they were once able to, either due to reduced hours or closings. Thus, they needed to focus on contemporary media. Whether it was fitness facilities offering in-home classes, medical specialists supplying insight over the phone, or restaurants providing online ordering when they previously didn’t, digital media became the focus. Coming out of COVID, this should continue to be the case. This will help businesses provide more options to consumers, keeping up with the competition in the process.

Stay Active on Social Media Platforms

Social networking has seen a noticeable spike during the COVID pandemic. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are just a few platforms that a social media agency will recommend continued use of post-COVID. Not only do these platforms provide opportunities for content sharing but user engagement as well. In fact, it wouldn’t be farfetched to use the platforms in question as extensions to existing customer service efforts. For instance, if a food production company shares a post featuring one of their offerings, a user may respond asking where it can be purchased. From there, the company can follow up accordingly, instructing the user on a number to call or a website map that details locations in their area to buy. Needless to say, social media activity is essential in a post-COVID world.

5 Marketing Tips to Consider Post-COVID

Understand User Behavior

As previously mentioned, data such as purchasing and navigation help when understanding one’s user base. These behaviors will change over time, especially in the case of holidays, seasons, and in this case, pandemics. More likely than not, a business observed the patterns of users during COVID. What were the items they purchased the most? Did they stay within a certain budget? How likely were they to take part in shopping cart abandonment, failing to complete transactions? In terms of website navigation, which pages did users spend the most time on? These are just a few examples of user behavior that have not only proven useful during COVID but will be advantageous moving forward.

Perform Outreach

While on the subject of users, outreach has become one of the most critical aspects of business during the COVID pandemic. By reaching out to consumers, businesses show that they care, especially when sharing valuable information. When a user receives a newsletter that downplays promotional activities and emphasizes useful content, it creates a positive impression. Case and point, instead of sharing information about property to buy, a real estate agency may offer tips on closing transactions during the summer months. Outreach can take on numerous forms, ranging from email drip campaigns to messaging via social media. By following this same process post-COVID, businesses will be able to maintain the relationships they have with their consumers.

Develop a Strategy and Stick to It

The importance of developing a fleshed out post-COVID marketing strategy can’t be understated. Everything from the platforms to prioritize to the content that’s developed and shared must be accounted for. However, what’s equally as important as developing a strategy is sticking to it in the long term. Granted, there may be situations where modifications will be required, such as an internal website page requiring optimization or an irrelevant Facebook ad that should be halted in favor of a new one. After all, few strategies will be flawless from the onset. However, the core strategy should be adhered to, with monthly reviews being conducted to oversee its progress. Whether during or following COVID, a fine-tuned digital marketing strategy is essential.

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