A Google Storm is Coming. Are you Prepared?

Aug 23, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

At the recent SES Conference in San Francisco, Matt Cutts had announced some MAJOR changes that will throw everyone in the Web Traffic Optimization game for a loop. It appears that if you have gotten comfy after the Penguin and Panda updates and you think all is well, think again. Google is planning on releasing their new updates very soon and those companies that invested time into their social media campaign should really bog down and understand the fundamentals of their SEO strategy and social networking to avoid the Google Smack down.

Most of us in the social media marketing game know that buying links and manipulating the internet for advertising purposes is a no-no advocated from Google. What most do not realize is that social media platforms are potentially immune from the updates that are imminent. As reported on Site Reference, Cutts himself sated that,

“Google can only use social signals from Open Graph sources. It can’t crawl Facebook pages to see who is reputable, reliable or has real world impact as a brand has on those platforms... [Twitter is also] a private service. If Twitter wants to suspend someone’s service, they can. Google was able to crawl Twitter until its deal ended, and Google was blocked from crawling those pages for 1.5 months. As such, Google is cautious about using that as a signal – Twitter can shut it off at any time.”

What does this mean? Businesses using social media to be social should continue to do so. Google-bots may not be able to scour your social media page all the time but in the case of Twitter, Google might be able to take action against a naughty SEO strategist.

Those online marketing companies that act accordingly on social media platforms should continue to do so. The algorithm change announced by Cutts however should make all of us aware that a storm is coming. If you have a strong website with great content and high page ranking, DO NOT MAKE ANY DRASTIC CHANGES TO YOUR SITE! Consult a firm that knows what they are doing before you take action or suffer the consequence of a Google attack.


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