Advertising on Facebook: How a Social Media Agency Can Take Advantage of A Growing Market

Dec 20, 2011 -- Posted by : admin

Advertising online has been happening for a while now. Usually, online marketing firms use Google Ads and other search engine ads to set up advertisements for their clients and their products. But there's a whole world of promotion that they aren't using to their maximum potential: social media. On Facebook and Twitter, there are many ways to market your firm through ads, yet it is only just becoming a wide spread tool. To push ahead and and edge out the competition, social media firms must use social media to promote their clients' ads.

From a recent survey taken by lonelybrand, only 17% of the social media agencies that they interviewed actually bought ads in social media websites. Their budgets range from less than $1,000 to over $10,000.While search engine ads are immensely valuable, sites such as Facebook and Twitter are vying to become the #1 source for information. And lets not forget the network that such social media sites as Youtube and LinkedIn have. On top of the wide range of budget options that your firm has for advertising, marketing through social media is a great business decision.

Another feature of social media is the variety of ways it can use it to market clients. If you're looking to not spend money, then set up a Facebook page or a Twitter account. You can use them to interact with the fans and followers, set up online promotions, and expose clients to a wider pool of potential customers. Use ads to help draw in visitors to your page and attract more fans. Online marketing firms don't have to spend very much to do this, and can take advantage of the wide range of probable budgets.

If you’re unsure of which social media website to primarily use, stick with Facebook. According to the lonelybrand survey, 13% of the social media agencies said that they bought a large part of advertisements on Facebook, followed by 4% on LinkedIn, and only 2% on Twitter. While LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media have their uses, Facebook can't be beat with its wide user base.

In the end, social media has many features to offer online marketing firms. If not done so already, make an account for your clients to market them on Facebook and Twitter. And if they already have them, then don't be afraid to buy social media advertising. By spending a little bit of money, your social media agency is exposing itself to an online world of nearly one billions users. That sounds like a pretty good deal for everyone.


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