Are You Ready for Myspace 3.0?

Jul 1, 2013 -- Posted by : admin

The last time anybody had heard about Myspace, it was most likely the punch line of some social media joke. But that’s about to change because Myspace has re-launched itself into the social media world… again.

Myspace is no longer the awkward social media site that fell by the wayside the minute Facebook took a breath. In fact, Myspace isn’t even showing its teeth to Facebook anymore. Reborn a few months ago, the new Myspace focuses on music and has the potential to send Pandora and Spotify running for the hills. Yep! “Myspace 3.0” is a must-see for all music lovers.

Re-launched last week, the social media site is meant to give users an all-access pass to new music and musicians. When I heard about the launch, I took to the site and started experimenting. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed being on Myspace and felt enriched from the experience. The new Myspace is simply a blast that will bring any and every music lover to eternal bliss.

From 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., I examined every inch of Myspace and tested every feature. After some intense song play, I found that the website had interesting shares/links, artist information, the ability to manage a personal mix of music, and, the most important thing, only two run-ins with advertisements. For six and a half hours I listened to hundreds of songs with only two 15-second ads interrupting me. And they weren’t even torturous.

Myspace could be considered a social iTunes that lets you listen to full songs and albums without purchase. Of course, you cannot download the music, but that doesn’t matter here. Myspace is a complete catalog of music that starts at the user’s fingertips. I searched everything from Dave Matthews Band to Hans Zimmer’s compositions. I had access to everything. Plus, everything you listen to or view on the site doesn’t disappear when you navigate the site. Myspace has a player bar on the bottom of the screen that keeps all your music and playlists open so you can play around and never miss a single song.

The site enables users to live a social media life through music. Users can still posts and upload photos like any other site. You can also access other pages by “connecting” to them. “Connecting” to a page is somewhat equal to a Facebook “like.”

I could ramble on and on about the powerful fun that Myspace has to offer to individual users and social media agencies. However, the only way to understand it is to fully experience it. I urge everyone to get on Myspace and start exploring the endless amounts of music. It is a very valuable site that, if marketed properly, will explode onto the social media scene as an entertainment king that shall not be messed with. I for one am excited to see this site grow and watch the world react to the new life of Myspace.


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