How to Advertise Your Business on LinkedIn

May 10, 2019 -- Posted by : emily

Owner learning how to advertise their business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known as the professional social network, specifically designed for users to build connections for work and further their careers. While many users take advantage of features which display work history, find freelance gigs, and apply for jobs, LinkedIn is also a powerful tool for businesses. With the proper audience and well-timed posts, LinkedIn can be used to build a company’s reputation as an industry thought-leader, recruit quality employees, and generate new business partnerships and leads.

Although their daily active users are not quite as high as Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn can be a critical tool in business marketing and should be considered when developing tactical marketing plans. Here are more details on how to advertise your business on LinkedIn.

Build Out Your Personal LinkedIn Profile

While it may seem counter-intuitive, a strong personal LinkedIn profile can support a professional profile. Ultimately, people do business with people, not entities. A well-thought-out LinkedIn profile is more likely to resonate with potential employees, employers, and clients than a profile that has been haphazardly put together.

Regardless of your company’s LinkedIn goal, your profile is your digital first impression of yourself and by extension, the company you work for. Aim to have a profile reach 100% completeness and continue to optimize it over time. Optimization may include adding new skills, achievements, and examples of your work. Endorse your coworkers and let them endorse you in return. A proper representation of your personal brand will reflect well on your company’s brand.

Optimize Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

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Similar to your personal LinkedIn profile, your company’s LinkedIn page should leave a lasting impression. The Company Page should include various opportunities for prospective customers to learn about your brand and engage with relevant content. Not only should your Company Page educate viewers on your business, but it should also be optimized for search. A well-optimized Company Page can help you gain visibility among potential clients as well as build your audience.

Create LinkedIn Ads and Utilize Analytics

LinkedIn offers self-service ads, managed campaigns, and sponsored content. These services should be utilized to reach the target audiences your company has identified. Regardless of the type of advertisement you choose, be sure to define the campaign goal – typically brand awareness, relationship building, or lead generation. The target market, budget, and any additional KPI’s can be mapped out for each campaign goal and reflected in monthly metrics reports.

Creating a successful advertisement campaign is more than just properly executing a plan. Analytics also play a role in determining success. It is important to monitor the analytics of both paid and organic content. Monitoring all types of content with your Company Page’s analytics and your LinkedIn Campaign Manager will ensure your company continues to publish successful content that resonates with your audience and ultimately, a successful LinkedIn page.

Increase the Followers on Your Company Page

Advertising on LinkedIn helps companies increase their followers

As with any social media page, the number of followers a LinkedIn Company Page has will impact the engagement and reach of every post, which in turn means more opportunities for building connections and generating clients.

Some of the best people to target for follower growth are employees. Employees may be the biggest advocates of your company and are also more likely to share your Company Page content with their networks, further increasing your reach. In addition to employees, invite happy customers and key partners to follow the Company Page. These people all have a desire to see your business succeed and will likely be willing to help move the process along. In an attempt to further reach people outside of the company, promote the Company Page in emails, newsletters, blog posts, and with a “Follow” button on websites. This will allow for interested parties to follow your Company Page when they are introduced to your business.

Create Engaging Content and Publish It To Your Page

One critical element of a successful social media page is engaged followers. In order to engage with followers, there should be content that resonates with them. Indicators that content is engaging and resonates with an audience are clicks, shares, and comments. The content on your LinkedIn Company Page should aim to help your audience perform their jobs better, answer their questions or address pain points, rather than salesy, overly promotional content.

When creating content that drives engagement, it can be useful to tap into new ideas by taking a look at what other industry leaders are saying and providing your own thoughts. Not only will your content perform better, but your company may also be seen as an expert in your industry. While most content should be original, supporting others in the industry from time to time can help your company as well, and it may even help to build new partnerships with other industry peers.

As you look to grow your company’s digital influence it is crucial that marketers do not overlook LinkedIn as a valuable platform. Create a LinkedIn page that will resonate with your target audience, increase your SEO rankings, and hopefully, drive new leads and engagement.


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