The New Newsletter: How to Use Facebook Messenger for Your Business

Apr 19, 2019 -- Posted by : emily

Facebook messenger is now the new email newsletter

There’s a lot of talk around messaging chat bots these days. But don’t worry, this isn’t another one of those “bots will take the place of all your human employees and skyrocket your revenue overnight!!!!” posts. Instead, we’re going to take a realistic look at chat bots, specifically how to use Facebook Messenger for your business.

Odds are you have Facebook worked into your digital marketing plan in some capacity, whether it be through organic social media, paid ads, Facebook Live videos, or some other creative use. However, Facebook Messenger marketing is something that’s pretty new to a lot of businesses. Don’t let your fear of a robot apocalypse stop you from adding this tool to your repertoire, as it can be really beneficial.

There has already been an increase in the use of Facebook Messenger chat bots for starting brand conversations and generating leads from ads, but now there’s an even more engaging way to use it – replacing email newsletters.

Before we get into the fine print of Facebook Messenger marketing for newsletters, let’s take a step back and talk a little bit about Facebook Messenger bots in general.

What are Facebook Messenger Bots?

Facebook messenger bots being used as the new email newsletters

Facebook uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate messaging services and have real conversations with real people. Without a person behind the screen, these chats are able to respond to questions, understand basic commands, and execute simple tasks. They’re really successful for a lot of brands because, let’s face it, nobody wants to have to make a phone call and wait on hold to have their questions answered anymore.

Benefits of Using Facebook Messenger Bots for Your Business

There are a few key advantages to using Messenger bots as the primary way to communicate with your audience. Here are the top ones you should be taking into consideration:

  • Low barrier of entry. Although the Facebook Messenger app is one of the most highly used apps, there are only about 300,000 chat bots on the site currently. The low competition and the low startup cost (as opposed to creating and developing your own app for your brand) makes it a low-risk option for brands looking to connect with their audiences.
  • Direct connection to your audience. A chat message is much more personal than an email, so people are more likely to engage in a meaningful way. In fact, reports that Messenger newsletters see up to an 80% open rate as compared to the average 20% for emails.
  • Reduced business expenses. Facebook Messenger bots free up human time for tasks that, well, only a human can do. Automating simple tasks can lead to a more efficient overall workflow and save your company money in the long run.
  • Ability to quickly identify and engage leads. Since Messenger bots can ask basic questions and find out customer needs, they can act as the first touch point in your sales funnel and the last touch point for trying to re-engage past customers. This can be more efficient and effective than relying on email CTAs and re-marketing emails to start the sales cycle and re-engage previous customers.

When compared to traditional email marketing tools and strategies, Messenger chat bots provide benefits that can’t be ignored.

How to Use Facebook Messenger for Your Business

iPhone displaying a Facebook messenger newsletter

Hopefully by now you’re convinced that Messenger bots are great tools for your digital marketing strategy. Now let’s look more closely at how to use Facebook Messenger for your business.

Just as you can set up an email marketing campaign, you can send newsletter and drip-campaigns through Facebook Messenger. Within the chat, you can give people the option to opt in or opt out of your communication, send quick updates, and share relevant content. Be sure to communicate in regular intervals, rather than annoying people with constant messages or leaving them hanging so long they forget about you. Remember, the same principles apply to Messenger newsletters as email newsletters – proper frequently, engaging first line, etc.

To get the absolute most out of Facebook Messenger marketing, keep the following best practices in mind:

  • Set expectations. Don’t jump into a Messenger campaign thinking it can do everything. Start with one simple goal, like content dissemination or lead generation, and design your campaign around that.
  • Customize. Have your Messenger bot ask the user questions that can segment your audience. That helps you send content that is relevant and engaging, rather than hitting your broad audience with something generic.
  • Make sure humans step in when needed. Bots can’t quite do it all just yet. There should always be a command in place that puts customers in contact with a human when needed, so they don’t get frustrated and cut ties with your brand because of a bad experience.
  • Be transparent. Just as with an email marketing campaign, you have to be transparent with users about how their information is captured and what it is used for. Also, always give users the option to opt out, as much as you don’t want them to.
  • Keep learning. Just like the rest of your marketing strategy components, revisit your Messenger campaign frequently and consistently identify strengths and weaknesses, and adjust accordingly. Artificial Intelligence is still very new to the market, so there’s no telling how it will evolve over the next few months or years. Keep that in mind and be prepared to adjust to whatever changes come your way.

If you are unsure of how to get started with Facebook Messenger marketing, be sure to enlist the help of a Facebook marketing agency. If done correctly, Messenger can be an extremely valuable tool to transform the way you communicate with your audience.


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