Snackable Content: How to Satisfy Your Reader’s Cravings

Mar 1, 2019 -- Posted by : emily

Image showing how snackable content is short and sweet like candy

When we think about digital marketing, it's easy to get caught up in long-winded videos that explain the entirety of your business to prospective clients and customers. These days, it's more important to provide your users with content that is considered "snackable", meaning that it's short and sweet, rather than strung out and overwhelming with details.

Consider the attention span of most social media users: individuals scrolling through their timelines quickly, stopping here and there to click and browse for a moment. In order to catch your user’s eye and engage with the largest number of potential customers possible, your brand should be producing short and catchy content that attracts, informs, and ultimately converts more users into customers.

What Is Snackable Content?

Snackable content is content that is short, sweet, and easily consumable. Think about scrolling through your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter feed, what content catches your eye? Whether it’s video ads from brands you love, or short videos posted by your friends or family, this content is usually something you can quickly and readily "consume" without much buy-in. In addition to being able to view and enjoy the content for yourself, it's also something you can, and want, to share with others, whether it’s on your own timeline for all your followers to see or by messaging it directly to a friend or colleague.

Enjoyable Content for Every User

Photo answering the question what is snackable content by showing it as “edible” content

One of the most important factors of snackable content is whether it's readily available to be seen by any user, on any device. In order to expand your reach and increase engagement, your content should be optimized to fit the tone of any platform, as well as be able to adapt to any size device. Posting something that cannot be viewed or played on a mobile device, or any device other than a traditional desktop, means you’re significantly limiting the number of people who can be consuming your content. Similarly, providing a link rather than a video that automatically plays as a user scrolls severely cuts down the number of people who are likely to view it.

Get To Know Your Market

When beginning to create snackable content for your audience, take a minute to think about the quick videos you’ve come across online. Your first thought may be an instructional video like a quick recipe, or even a “how-to” video, that grabs your attention from the start. However, your content and videos don’t necessarily have to mimic this exact format.

Getting to know your target market and becoming familiar with the types of content they enjoy is the best way to get started as well as something to keep in mind when creating new and engaging content. For example, some questions to consider before creating content include:

  • What types of images or videos do they want to see?
  • Does your target market enjoy receiving information via videos over still images or infographics?
  • Do they tend to ask questions that your content can answer?
  • What puts your brand in the best light and gets your name out there?

Once you ask (and answer) these questions, you can get started building out your snackable content campaign.

Snackable Content Quick Tips

Image depicting how content marketing firms create snackable content for social media platforms

The next time you create content, you want it to be consumed by as many people as possible. Keep these ideas in mind:
  • Keep it short. The idea of "snackable" means that it's short and sweet, and shouldn't be more than about 30 seconds.
  • Give them the gist. Your videos don't have to tell a user everything they need to know. Entice them into wanting to learn more and provide a link to get more information if they so choose.
  • Ensure that your content is mobile-friendly. If a user can't view your video on their phone, they're highly unlikely to seek it out on their desktop.
  • Use video captions. Most mobile users aren't in a space where they can listen to audio so by providing captions, you ensure that your users are engaged in every way possible.
  • Make it unique. This content should be engaging! Don't blend in with every other video – create something that captures a user's attention and makes them want to learn more.

As a content marketing firm, fishbat knows the best way to tailor your snackable content into more viewers and therefore more business for you. We work to wholly understand your business before jumping in to helping you create the best content possible for your digital marketing campaigns. To find out more about who we are and how we can help grow your business, contact us today!