Can the Housing Market Benefit From Social Media?

Jun 12, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

Yes, yes it can.

Reason being is that social media offers more information than anything else in the world. YouTube alone is the second largest search engine in the world! It is absolutely incredible the amount of information that can be found on a simple social media site. What is astonishing is that all of this information is compounded not by “spiders” or anything of the sort, but it is provided by the users itself. Every bit of information is uploaded by users and the businesses trying to increase their ROI.

But with that being said, let me digress into the topic that the title speaks about. We all know that the housing market is still in a slump. It’s a tough sell and an easy buy if you can secure a loan. Long Island is taking a hit when it comes to housing. A majority of its young people are leaving the island because of the high cost of living. This will eventually lead to population problems later on in the future. Build A Better Burb does studies on this and offers some solutions.

Social media can without a doubt help the housing problem all over the United States. As I said, being that social media acts as a huge search engine, users are able to find information regarding houses for sales, loan rates offered from banks, and even local news on foreclosures and things of that nature. With an older population already stable in their own housing situation, the housing and real-estate market need to target the younger individual. This demographic is all on Facebook. It would be a wise thing to do.

Social media marketing for housing could help if used correctly. Get with it and start helping out the market!


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