CEOs Find their Presence on Social Media

Jul 27, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

As a brand utilizing social media marketing for business, it’s easy to get carried away with the amount of data and information your company is sharing out. Reports are showing that the role of importance social media has in business is increasing and by this rate it’ll be the main source of marketing and engagement with consumers for businesses.

In a recent report by CEO Josh James of DOMO, social media is coming up rapidly with 50% of the world’s population now on Facebook and over 37% on Twitter.

But what about the CEO presence?

It seems that companies have become more engaging than their respective CEO’s. Only 7.6% of company CEOs has been seen on Facebook and even less on Twitter with only 4% using the social network site.

At least we can see some kind of social media presence from these unaccounted for CEO’s on LinkedIn where 26% have been surveyed to use the site next to the 20.15% of the population seen using it.This might be change soon enough as more and more CEO’s are realizing if they want to find out what their customers and consumers like and are thinking, they have to be more engaging with the general public.

Feedback is a crucial part of marketing and business. If you don’t know what the public likes or dislikes, how do you expect to grow your brand to anything more than what it is? As company leaders, CEOs should want to look to social media sites as a means to obtain contacts, find out what’s working and what’s not (as far as products and sales are concerned) and to just get out there and engage with your followers and fans.

As we see the constant changes of social media, we realize how much we actually benefit from engaging and sharing on these sites. How are you or your business benefiting from the use of social media? Is your CEO involved in your company’s social media campaign?


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