Do You Fake-Like Me? How the Facebook Fake Likes May be Hurting Your Client

Oct 2, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

Does your company have thousands of likes? Did you earn those likes? Is your company one of the few that Facebook is cracking down on? In recent reports, Facebook announced to TechCrunch that they were cracking the proverbial whip on Facebook brand pages that were unnaturally stacking up the likes on their brand page. Texas HoldEm Poker, one of the culprit pages, saw a loss of more than 96,000 Likes! According to Mashable, that is close to 0.15% of its 65.3 million total Likes. Zynga's Farmville game was another big loser with 45,000 Likes gone.

Top offenders were not limited to products or games ether. Singers like Rihanna who lost 28,000 Likes, Shakira who shed 26,000 and Lady Gaga who dropped 34,000 were also impacted by the crackdown.

So what does this mean for online marketing companies? If you are practicing any kind of “faux Facebook Liking” you may be endangering your clients’ brands. The social media world we all love to be a part of is supposed to be a place where people can gather and speak their mind and share pics of kittens playing the guitar. When will faux marketers learn that unless you are making a sandwich we don’t want spam!

A like is a natural movement made by a person that selects the Like button on a page because they want to! Marketers should be more creative and improvising if they want to gather natural likes rather than forcing things down the throats of social media users. Users should also keep in mind that they have a choice. Social media users! Like pages because you like them, nothing more!

What should online marketers take from this? Encourage users to Like a page naturally. Be inventive. Be creative. Not doing so could dramatically hurt your client and your reputation.


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