Facebook and the Mobile Link to E-Commerce

Sep 25, 2013 -- Posted by : admin

How much of your personal information is on your Facebook profile? If I were to click on your name and look at your profile, would I be able to discover such aspects as your birthday, job history, or perhaps even cell and home phone numbers? If you’ve decided to display such aspects, it’s a given that you trust the site, to an extent. That being said, would you trust the website when making payments through online marketplaces?

This past Monday, Facebook launched a feature called “Autofill with Facebook” but to a select few mobile users to be utilized at a limited number of retailers. However, this appears to be a matter of convenience, as it will allow such users to make transactions by simply utilizing the information that they placed on the networking platform in question. As long as the credit card is on file, Facebook only has to recognize it and no further action has to be made; this means that filling out billing information, for example, isn’t required.

It’s a matter that has, without question, earned its fair share of criticism. As any social media agency would be able to tell you, you have to be careful with the information that you decide to share. Being neglectful of such care is partially why credit card fraud has been able to climb. More than a few times, users have become perhaps too trusting. In fact, aside from PayPal, I never make payments through any online system even though I pride myself on being reserved for the most part.

However, PayPal could be the reason why more people decide to utilize the “Autofill with Facebook” option. After all, along with PayPal, Facebook has worked with Stripe and Braintree as well in order to support said option. It seems like every transaction made is going to be secure, especially when it’s known that Facebook works with the app developer’s payment processor. With only the last four digits of a credit card being made visible, security is held in high regard.

It’s understandable that individuals have their concerns with a new system; this can be said for any process that has just come down the pipeline. For example, the release of Apple’s iOS 7 had more than its share of problems that have been addressed, so it’s not like work will not be done on “Autofill with Facebook.” From what I’ve seen, Facebook has a relatively strong track record in terms of data security. If there are any issues with the interface, infrastructure, or what have you, chances are that they will be corrected before long.


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