fishbat’s CMO and Co-Founder, Jennifer Calise, Provides Insight on Key Performance Indicators for Businesses in DM News

Nov 3, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

In a recent DMN article, Jen Calise, CMO and co-founder of fishbat, discussed the importance of knowing business fundamentals and when your "key performance indicators" (KPIs) are important.

Every company should understand its business before analyzing and using metrics. While KPIs can show an increase of traffic, social engagement, impressions or likes, you should “forget about data and go back to the business fundamentals”, as Calise stated.

Understanding the reasons as to why your business may be having success is vital. Additionally, having a full comprehension of your fundamentals and goals will then allow you to better measure the incoming sales and data.

Once you have a strong business foundation, make sure that it is supported through the data. Later in the piece, Calise asked “What good is racking up 150,000 ‘likes’ for a product on social media if they were purchased from a click farm in Bangladesh?”

Read the entire DMN article here.