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Instagram Stories Tips to Help Grow Your Audience

Instagram Stories

For those that are unaware, Instagram Stories are series of photos and videos that are displayed atop user feeds. These photos and videos remain active for 24 hours and can run for up to 15 seconds, creating snappy pieces of content. Stories have become so popular in the social media sphere that other networking platforms have adopted this practice, putting their own spins on the concept. However, Instagram’s platform remains the forerunner, in this regard, so it’s easy to see why social media marketing agencies would prioritize it. Even the most solid marketing efforts can be improved, which is where Instagram Stories tips and tricks can come into play.

Growing one’s audience on Instagram may be easier said than done, depending on the digital marketing strategy set in place. This is especially true when considering the competition that exists on the platform today. Boasting over 1.3 billion users, Instagram is one of the top five most used social media sites in the world today. Furthermore, it’s been estimated that over 80 percent of all people on the platform use it to research products and services. It’s also worth noting that Instagram is a national platform, with roughly 88 percent of users residing outside of the United States. Instagram Stories can provide you with a leg up on the competition. To improve your chances of growing your audience, here are a few Instagram Stories tips to consider.

Keep Everything On-Brand – One of the most important Instagram Stories tips to know is that branding means everything. Even if you wish to get creative, you should still consider your company’s identity. Everything from said company’s logo and font styles to the colors associated with your brand should be seen throughout your Instagram marketing efforts. Not only will this practice help with brand recognition, but it will result in greater consistency, which is indicative of professionalism. For assistance with branding, consider reaching out to an Internet marketing company in your area.

Instagram Stories

Develop a Content Plan – Another one of the various Instagram Stories tips to consider is the development of a content plan. While you may be able to simply post content at your leisure, a lack of rhyme or reason for doing so may actually be counterproductive to your digital marketing efforts. Map out what content should be published on given days. Focus on different types of media, including images and videos, that your audience may consume. A content calendar can be especially advantageous, so if you’re planning on investing in Instagram marketing, it’s recommended that you have a clear plan in place.

Use Filters for Artistic Content – Among the features included in Instagram Stories is a series of filters that help make content more artistic. Granted, not all of them will apply to your marketing needs, but there are still a few that can bring your own content to the next level. Some can change the color of the environment, as seen by your device’s camera, while others can make selfies more comedic. Furthermore, colors can be changed or adjusted manually within Instagram for a greater level of customization. If you feel like your content is too plain, perhaps one of Instagram’s filters can make a difference.

Take Boomerangs as Well – If you’re new to Instagram Stories, Boomerang is a separate app owned by the same company. Essentially, Boomerang allows users to capture quick video clips – these are usually anywhere between 1 to 2 seconds in length – which are added to Stories. From there, other effects, such as stickers and music, can be added to give the content in question more personality. One’s mileage, in regard to Boomerang, will vary based on their own digital marketing goals. However, by using it, you may find that it can add even more personality to your work.

Know How to Access Insights – To know how well your Instagram Stories are performing, know how to access Insights. This can be done by opening the app and going to Your Story. From there, you can see a full viewer count, in addition to specific information about those that have seen your content. Furthermore, even after your Stories have disappeared – bear in the mind the aforementioned 24-hour period – you can continue to access Insights, filtering them based on certain time frames. This is perhaps the most important of the Instagram Stories tips that you can benefit from.

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