Locating Fellow Travelers

Nov 27, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

Making friends while traveling for business can be pretty difficult. I remember a trip I took to Costa Rica with some colleagues and there were these really nice people from New Hampshire that we befriended. Needless to say, two years later and we lost touch. A new Mobile app called Here on Biz has just been introduced to make it easier to locate fellow travelers when out and about.

The app has been embraced by LinkedIn users and is growing exponentially. The app is primarily used to connect professionals that are within each other’s area, bringing them together for drinks or meetings that could turn into potential business. Your LinkedIn profile displays basic information about you and what location you are traveling to. If you tap on their profile picture, it will take you to their profile page. A “Nearby” page informs you if they are visitors or locals.

This is a great networking tool that can hook you up with other professionals who might be attending the same event or traveling to the same location. When attending social media marketing conventions, it is difficult to know who is going to be at these events especially if you are connected on a social media platform.

Each event you enter with the app stays in your profile so the next event you attend will re-connect you to other attendees from the previous event. If it wasn’t for Here on Biz, you might not have been able to make the connection.

On the “My Network” page, you are able to locate fellow travelers and see who is in your network. Once you download the app, you have the advantage to connect and speak with them.

Business travel does not have to be a lonely task. Although some people might welcome the alone time away from the children, the dog, spouse, and household, for others who long for companionship, it can be daunting. When you add the isolating feeling that comes from travelling to a foreign, you really begin to feel disconnected.

This app works very similar to Highlight which helps Facebook users locate business people near them. While Facebook offers ample opportunity, LinkedIn users are on a more professional level of connection. You are not going to post your resume on your Facebook profile. LinkedIn is the perfect business environment to advertise yourself and seek others within your field.

Would you connect with Here on Biz? What do you do to remain connected?


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