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New Messenger, New Lead Generation Tactics: Changes Coming to Facebook’s Messenger

Facebook Messenger updates are here to bring your brand more engagement and leads. Ensure that your company stays on top of these updates to develop and plan future marketing tactics and continue to help your company grow.

Facebook Messenger updates are here to bring your brand more engagement and leads. Ensure that your company stays on top of these updates to develop and plan future marketing tactics and continue to help your company grow.

Does your brand use Facebook’s Messenger service? If so, now is the time to make sure your brand is ready for several changes to Facebook Messenger. The Facebook Messenger update gives businesses two new tools to incorporate into the platform, an appointment booking interface that integrates with calendar platforms, as well as lead generation templates. Both tools can help drive traffic to your website and generate leads. Does this update matter for your brand, and if so, how can these new tools help? Get answers to these questions and more details about the update and how it will affect your brand below.

Why should my brand use Facebook Messenger? Is it worth implementing?

Facebook Messenger was released in 2011 as a standalone app designed with one function in mind: messaging. While the platform was originally designed for user-to-user communication, changes to Facebook Messenger over the years have emphasized B2C communications. With more than 1.3 billion people using Messenger each month, it’s no question as to why businesses are using the platform to communicate with customers – it provides a seamless experience to connect with brands and find out more information. With the implementation of chatbots in a Facebook Messenger update, extra company resources are no longer required to give users valuable information about your business and could even lead to sales with no employee input. Ultimately, the choice to implement Facebook Messenger for your brand if you haven’t already is up to you, but with the latest changes to Facebook Messenger, it’s never been easier to allow your customers to find out more information, book appointments, and generate leads for your brand. Check out the following changes:

How can lead generation templates help my brand?

Does your brand use chatbots in Messenger? If so, you’re probably aware of their limitations. With the new changes to Facebook Messenger, lead-generation templates make sure that chatbots ask your visitors questions designed to be answered in a standardized format, increasing the chances of the bot interpreting the message correctly. Currently, chatbots struggle to produce open-ended responses, which is what the Facebook Messenger update aims to address. This change is designed to close the communication gap and ensure that visitors receive a more personalized experience when communicating with your brand. If your brand doesn’t use chatbots in Facebook Messenger, you could be missing out. Chatbots are rising in popularity, as seen in the latest Messenger update, and for a good reason- they can help increase sales. When using Facebook Messenger for marketing, keep in mind that chatbots can reduce customer service costs by requiring less staff to assist and chat with customers, answer questions the buyer might have about your brand’s products, and even recommend products, thereby increasing the average sale on your website.

How can the appointment booking interface help my brand?

The second change to Facebook Messenger is the addition of an appointment booking interface on the platform’s API, allowing businesses to integrate their calendar system with the new tool. Sometimes customers can be in locations where they can’t speak on the phone to make an appointment, or it’s just plain inconvenient for them to do so. Instead of navigating to a clunky appointment system in their phone’s browser, this Facebook Messenger update integrates your brand’s current calendar system with the sleek, built-in platforms users are familiar with and trust. This appointment booking interface was designed to give your customers the most up-to-date information regarding appointment availability and allows them to book an appointment without leaving the Facebook website on their computer, or the Facebook Messenger app on their phone or tablet. Currently, the appointment booking update is available for dentists and barbers and will be rolled out to all business types later this year. This update can help your brand by increasing the reach and accessibility of your brand’s appointment booking system.

Was any research conducted to show the results of these Facebook Messenger updates?

Facebook reported that General Motors generated 3,000 leads over two months using a lead generation template in Messenger. The platform announced that this lead generation experience in Facebook Messenger had a 30% higher conversion rate compared to other digital marketing channels.

Regarding the appointment booking update, Facebook reported that Sephora built an appointment booking experience on Facebook Messenger, which led to a 60% increase in in-store bookings versus other digital marketing channels.

My brand isn’t on Facebook Messenger, should it be?

Facebook announced that over 20 billion messages are sent on Facebook Messenger each month and that the platform has about 300,000 developers building on Facebook Messenger. If your brand doesn’t currently use Facebook Messenger, it can be a great idea to try out this platform in the future, primarily since it provides one more way for visitors and customers to reach you and find out more information about your brand.

While Facebook Messenger is designed with mobile devices in mind, the platform has unveiled a desktop app for Messenger, allowing customers to start a conversation with your brand on their phone, and resume the conversation seamlessly on their Mac or PC.

The rise in popularity of artificial intelligence prompted the recent changes to Facebook Messenger. We often use AI in our everyday lives, such as Siri when driving, Alexa when queuing music for a dinner party, and now through the use of chatbots on social channels like Facebook and even on business’ websites.

Preparing for Messenger Changes

To prepare your brand for these Facebook Messenger changes, make sure your Messenger profile and Facebook profile are up to date. If you need to create a Messenger account for your brand, now is a great time, since the Facebook Messenger updates are still being rolled out. It’s essential to familiarize yourself and your team with the social media marketing platform, so you can quickly respond to and engage with your customers. Implementing chatbots and the appointment booking feature may pivot your company’s marketing plan, so be sure to evaluate your strategy accordingly, ensuring that your brand is heading in the right direction and reaching the sales and new customers goals that you intended to.

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