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Remote Work Tips Every Business Should Know

Remote Work Tips

Roughly one year ago, businesses were forced to shift their strategies following the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most notable changes made was a shift to remote work, ushering employees out of their conventional office environments and into their homes, where their day-to-day duties continued. While some businesses struggled at the onset, others that have long embraced digital media found the transition seamless. Remote work has shown that it’s entirely possible for productivity to be maintained, if not improved, while adopting more contemporary work strategies.

The benefits of working remotely are multitudinous, too. Here are just a few advantages that remote workers have seen compared to traditional work:

  • Reduced commuting, meaning fewer costs sustained while away from home.
  • A better work-life balance.
  • The ability to work virtually anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • A boost in productivity.
  • Increased employee morale.

Shifting a business from a traditional landscape to remote locations isn’t a seamless process across the board, however. Whether it’s in regard to technology, communication, among other factors, it may be tougher for some to adapt to remote work than it will be for others. Businesses that specialize in digital media, such as Internet marketing companies, understand what’s needed. Other businesses that largely relied on the tried-and-true office space can benefit from some assistance. For a better understanding of what a remote work strategy entails, keep the following tips in mind.

Set Expectations Early On – At the start of a remote work strategy, management should set expectations before relaying them to employees. There are a few common expectations to outline. For example, a Long Island marketing agency will inform employees that they will be expected to complete day-to-day tasks as they would in a standard office environment; such tasks include management of social media accounts and digital outreach efforts. Employees should also know who to reach out to for department-specific inquiries, from account management to human resources to upper management. Ensure that these expectations are clearly outlined so that they’re followed by all.

Remote Work Tips

Maintain Consistent Communication – One of the pitfalls of a remote work strategy gone awry is a deemphasis on communication. When everyone works from home, they may be less likely to check up on one another, whether regarding ongoing tasks, due dates, or month-to-month results. Businesses need to maintain consistent communication when working remotely. Establish weekly or biweekly meetings where everyone has the opportunity to speak. These meetings will allow everyone to stay on track, not to mention provide opportunities to see one another despite working in separate locations.

Establish a Method to Report and Resolve Issues – Are you unable to log into work your email? Do you find it difficult, if not impossible, to launch programs needed to complete work? These are a few of the technical issues that may arise when working remotely. For businesses that make the transition to a remote work setting, establish a method that will allow employees to report issues that must be resolved. This could be as simple as providing a phone number to technical support or as extensive as a step-by-step process that allows issues to queue up. Whatever the case may be, issues such as these shouldn’t be allowed to linger for too long.

Anticipate Issues – Particularly early on in a remote work strategy, businesses should anticipate issues arising. As stated earlier, employees must report issues so that they can be resolved in a timely fashion. However, it can be easy for businesses to become discouraged when setbacks are experienced, as they would like their strategies to be foolproof. The reality is that setbacks are part of every strategy, even for businesses that have been involved in tech for years. Expect that issues such as the ones mentioned earlier will arise, even after everyone has become comfortable working remotely. By doing so, the business will ultimately perform better.

Promote Self-Care – Completing work, from day to day, is key for anyone working remotely. With that said, it’s equally essential for businesses to promote self-care tactics. Keep in mind that while working remotely offers benefits, such as less commuting and reduced costs, there are downsides such as decreased human interaction to consider. Businesses should stress the importance of self-care, such as allowing employees to take time off or granting them the ability to create their own 40-hour-a-week schedules, to name a few examples. These instances of self-care go a long way for employees, instilling positive morale and encouraging them to put their best foot forward.

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