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Blogging Mistakes Digital Marketers Should Avoid

Blogging Mistakes

Content plays a pivotal role in digital marketing efforts. Among the types of content that digital marketing agencies specialize in are blog posts, which are common among most business websites. Not only do blogs provide said websites with consumer-focused value, but this level of writing can have a strong impact on other facets of marketing, SEO included. Compared to a website that doesn’t have its own dedicated blog section, a website with one that’s regularly updated will stand a greater chance of ranking higher in search engine results.

Like with any content creation effort, however, there are right and wrong ways to write blogs. Poor blogging goes beyond spelling, grammar, and other qualities associated with writing. What should digital marketers avoid if their goal is high-quality blogging? The next time that a word processing program is open, be mindful of these common mistakes.

Not Establishing an Idea at the Onset – When it comes to blogging mistakes, writing without an idea to begin with is common. Writing for the sake of writing can have multiple drawbacks. It can result in work that feels disjointed or sloppy. Furthermore, it may turn away website visitors, reducing the likelihood of them returning. Fortunately, in terms of blogging, ideas to center blog posts on are seemingly limitless. Determine what you would like to write about and begin writing. Simply penning a blog because it seems like the right thing to do can result in low-quality work.

Writing for Oneself – Anyone that writes should take pride in the work that they create. Nonetheless, a writer must focus on their audience and the interests they hold, especially if they’re creating content for a company. To frame this, consider the possibility of a blog writer working for a real estate agency. Instead of the writer discussing homes that they found in their neighborhood, they may wish to provide actionable tips for first-time homebuyers. This helps to create user-focused content, generating more engagement in the process. First and foremost, bloggers must focus on their audiences, not themselves.

Blogging Mistakes

Not Using Data When Needed – Another one of the various blogging mistakes that can be made is ignoring data. Hard numbers and statistics help back up the established idea, allowing the writer to make their argument more convincing. For example, when discussing the user activity of Facebook compared to Twitter, a blog writer would be wise to dig for data. Find as many relevant numbers as possible, comparing them before making a point. The utilization of such data is the sign of an authoritative writer. This level of content builds trust with the audience, as they know the writer understands what they’re discussing.

Ignoring Writing Assistance Software – Even the most seasoned writers can use some help. To this end, it’s important to know the various types of writing assistance software that exist. While some programs are premium, requiring upfront payment, others are free to use out of the gate. Perhaps the most prominent example is Grammarly, which provides in-depth guidance on how to correct not just grammar, but spelling, tone, and wordy sentences, just to name a few examples. Moreover, Grammarly has browser attachments that allow writers to maintain their quality of work online. Research different writing assistance programs to improve your blogging efforts.

Failing to Optimize Blog Posts – Another one of the many common blogging mistakes, especially for companies looking to improve their SEO, is failure to optimize. A blog post may be well-written, though this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s well-optimized. There are a few key SEO points to note. First, ensure that your focus keyword is seen in the content, though not so much as to make the work come across as spammy. Second, smartly incorporate hyperlinks that direct users to specific pages. There is much more to learn about SEO, and while it may not be an exact science, optimization will increase the value of one’s blogging efforts that much more.

Inconsistent Blogging – Finally, what may be the direst of blogging mistakes is inconsistency. As stated earlier, a site with a dedicated blog section is more likely to rank compared to a site that lacks such a component. However, the blog should also be updated on a routine basis to ensure that this progress is maintained. An experienced New York SEO agency may recommend that a business publish anywhere from 1 to 3 blog posts per week, focusing on different topics related to said business. Blogging is still a relevant practice in 2021; its potency will depend on the effort put forth.

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