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Return of the Tweet: What the Twitter Ad Revenue Jump Means for Marketers

Twitter is becoming more and more of an attractive destination for digital marketers. Read on for some extra tips on how to advertise on Twitter.

Twitter, the social media platform founded in 2006, is becoming more and more of an attractive destination for digital marketers. Twitter’s ad revenue has increased by 18% year-over-year, its ad engagements have increased by 23% year-over-year and its cost per engagement has decreased by 4%. Additionally, Twitter ads and Twitter advertising services have become more robust and effective. Twitter has continued to focus its efforts on removing spam, reducing abuse on the platform and improving brand safety. All of this makes Twitter an attractive destination for digital marketers, but how do you execute? Follow these tips and rules of thumb to learn how to advertise on twitter.

Twitter Video

Videos on Twitter have been gaining popularity and success in the advertising department and a lot of Twitter ads are now videos. In Q1 2019, there was a double-digit increase year-over-year in Twitter video budgets. There are a couple of ways that advertisers are going about releasing videos on twitter. The first option is to use Twitter’s default, “normal” feature which allows you to record videos up to 140 seconds long and upload them directly to your Twitter feed. If you are looking to record a video longer than that, another option is to use Periscope. Periscope is a live streaming app owned by Twitter which integrates into Twitter itself, so your live streams appear on your followers’ feeds. Furthermore, once the stream is over the recording is still available for people to watch.

Make Tweets Conversational

This is less of a function of the increasingly favorable statistical trends aforementioned and more of just a way of going about things regardless of how many followers you have and how many engagements you have. It is important that your customers, clients and followers feel engaged and comfortable with your brand and with your business, therefore it is important that you make tweets conversational and respond to people when they tweet at your company’s account. Making customers feel that your company is accessible and reachable, and not just this empire that is releasing tweets and statements for other people to adhere to is extremely important. In fact, being responsive as a brand on social media is cited as the most influential brand factor that prompts customers to purchase their product or service. Being responsive is not difficult, it can be done by either responding to other people’s messages or by searching your company or product’s name and engaging with individuals that are tweeting about either of the two in a more indirect manor. When curating a response, it is important to consider your brand and company image, as well as the context of the situation. However, on Twitter, sarcastic or funny comments when appropriate are typically taken very well and get more likes, responses, and engagements. Being responsive and replying could be a good way to recruit new customers and is a great way to showcase your company’s personality and further establish your brand.

Plan Ahead, Set Goals Create a Schedule

These three activities are grouped together because they are intertwined as well as important no matter what industry you are in. As they relate to Twitter marketing though, it is important to set goals, plan ahead and create a schedule to be organized and efficient. A lack of a schedule and goals can result in posting random tweets on the platform that have nothing to do with the previous one or the next one, and that could even be a repeat of one a few weeks ago. There is a lot of opportunity to be creative between holidays, national days, and anniversaries and if you plan ahead correctly you can develop quality content to hit the mark with all of those posts. There is a lot of content on Twitter and it is easy to get lost in the numbers. In order for your account, your company and your brand to stand out it is vital that you are organized and that you have a plan.

Pick the Right Handle, Profile Pictures and Bio

This is a very simple but very important element of establishing your brand and company on Twitter. Simplicity is king when it comes to your handle. Do not make it something long and complicated, but rather short and catchy. When it comes to your name, it is important to make sure that your Twitter name is consistent with the company name on your website and the rest of your social media platforms. When it comes to your main profile picture, choose one related to your brand or company’s logo, or an alternative logo. Special promotions and seasonal pictures are good too, but your normal picture should be easily recognizable. Your header picture could be something a little more creative and outside the box but should still have something to do with your brand and your company. Your bio on the other hand is a great opportunity to showcase your brand and company’s personality, it is a free space to let the world know something about your company and gives people a quick insight to your brands personality.

Tweeting during peak hours

This is a very simple way to increase the amount of engagements and impressions on your company’s tweets. It is proven that the best time to tweet is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, it is not an extreme and completely necessary to follow this pattern, since every account and target audience are different. With that being said it may be beneficial to tweet at different times in the beginning and see what time and what days’ work best for your particular audience and brand.

Add Images to your Tweets

Again, this is another simple way to increase likes, responses, retweets, engagements and impressions. Tweets with pictures receive 89% more likes than Tweets without pictures. It is important to make sure that the images that your company is using are legal and that they are high quality and have to do with the tweet.

Twitter is a rapidly growing advertising platform and knowing how to advertise on Twitter and how to use Twitter advertising services, along with additional social media marketing services, can really make a difference for your company.

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