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SEO Ranking Factors: How to Get Your Website to Rank

SEO Ranking Factors

Search engine optimization is one of the most complex areas of digital marketing. The core reason for this is that it’s not universally agreed upon what exactly helps websites rank. Business owners can get involved in SEO and it’s unlikely that, when placed side by side, their strategies will match up. However, there are certain elements of this process that many Long Island SEO companies agree upon as positive influences. This brings us to the topic of SEO ranking factors, the facets that determine how search engines deliver results and position websites based on key terms. If you’re having difficulty getting your website to rank, here is what you should know.

Important SEO Ranking Factors

Technical SEO

When diving into the topic of SEO ranking factors, technical discussion must follow. For the uninitiated, technical SEO refers to the series of website and server optimizations that aid in crawlability and indexing. For example, if search engine robots are unable to crawl your website, search engines will be less likely to deliver said website as a result to users. If your website lacks a robots.txt file, which guides robots in how they crawl your website, you won’t see the level of search engine visibility you’d like. These are just a few factors that fall under the broader technical SEO umbrella.

Page Speed

Next, understand the page at which your website’s various pages load will determine its ranking. Google and other search engines endeavor to provide users with the best experience; one of the ways that this is done is by delivering webpages known to load and function at a smooth pace. This is especially true when discussing mobile design, which we will dive into greater detail on shortly. In any event, if you find that your website is loading slowly or simply fails to load pages as intended, your SEO will suffer as a result.

Ranking Factors That Influence SEO


How safe is your website? This may go without saying, but security is among the most critical SEO ranking factors. As mentioned earlier, search engines aim to provide the best user experiences, so it should come as no surprise that security plays a key role in how those search engines deliver results. A surefire way to increase your website’s security is to install an SSL certificate, which authenticates a website’s identity and provides it with an encrypted connection between a web browser and web server. If your company’s website begins with an “https” extension, as opposed to “http,” SSL security has been enabled.

Mobile-First Web Design

To say that global web traffic has increased over the years would be an understatement. In fact, did you know that over half of all website visits come from mobile devices including, but not limited to, smartphones? As more users rely on mobile to access the Internet, companies have been encouraged to develop websites with these devices in place. Thus, mobile-first web design has been a major priority. Search engines tend to emphasize websites with mobile-friendly layouts, as these provide quality user experiences whether on desktop or while on the go. No discussion about SEO ranking factors would be complete without responsive design across all platforms.

High-Quality Content

Finally, high-quality content speaks volumes from not only an SEO standpoint but a user perspective as well. When a user lands on a website, value is the expectation, and this often comes in the form of written content. Blog posts, press releases, and website copy are just a few examples of content that plays into SEO. Fresh, original content matters, as duplicate or low-quality content can lead to SEO penalties. Content should also be properly optimized with keywords, links, headers, and tags alike. No website is complete without content, and the more thought that’s put into this, the more that rankings for various key terms will increase over time.

Now that you know about some of the most important SEO ranking factors, it’s time to take the proper steps to ensure that your website receives as much traffic as possible. The best way to do this is to work with a professional, so if you’re a business owner in the Long Island or Greater New York area, consider partnering with a reputable New York SEO agency. Not only will they help you rank, but they’ll make recommendations based on your needs, whether in regard to social media management, branding, or any other facet of marketing. In other words, you won’t be without first-class assistance.

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