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Shopping On Instagram Just Got Even Better

Girl using her credit card to shop on Instagram

If you thought shopping on Instagram was good before, you’re going to be blown away when we tell you how much better shopping on Instagram is now. Instagram is officially launching a new and improved shopping experience with an account called @shop. With Instagram’s new @shop account, shoppable posts are carefully curated across the app and into your feed. From community-driven content to real-time advertisements, this upgraded account will make you never want to revert back to your original website shopping ways.  

Community Driven Content

Interested in community-driven content to be displayed in your feed? For starters, the content featured on Instagram’s new online shopping feature will be one hundred percent community-driven.

The team in charge of managing Instagram’s new shopping account will work closely with Instagram in order to pull off this effortless online shopping experience, identifying trends, brands, and creators that are of interest to you and your community. Monitoring and posting trend-setting items capture shopper’s attention and increase engagement and sales through the app.

Real-Time Advertisements

Instagram feed displayed on a mobile device

The @shop feature will be an active real-time indicator of what’s new on the platform, and in turn, deciding what kind of content to promote.

Instagram’s new immersive online shopping storefront will curate its own product recommendations, placing a single brand in the spotlight each day while simultaneously telling the story behind each business involved. The content displayed directly into your feed now has relevance to what’s going on in the world around you, but what’s better than being kept in the loop 24/7? The redefined @shop account keeps you in sync and allows you to look for the latest styles without the commonly associated shopping stress.

Brand New Shopping Features

Two shoppers looking at an image of shoes displayed on an Instagram shopping page

Say goodbye to shopping sites that drop the ball when it comes to their shopping features. The launching of Instagram’s improved online shopping experience makes way for a noticeable improvement in their website’s shopping features. Now, you can do more, find more, and buy more without all the stress.

The account will feature fashion, beauty, and home brands, all chosen by an editorial team at the Instagram offices. Now, shopping with Instagram’s @shop account gives creators an enveloping online storefront for potential consumers to find the very best products.

Get Rid of Redirection

Available to a small number of verified influencers, as well as being another part of Instagram’s large social commerce effort to reduce the number of steps it takes from discovering a featured product on the social media platform to making a purchase, @shop gets rid of any redirection out of the Instagram application. This also gives influencers the ability to directly tag the brands that they are wearing in posts. This tag can lead to a checkout page, all in-app, where users can purchase the tagged items right then and there.

By reducing the number of redirections that occur during a transaction, the promotion of products has been made to be so much easier than ever before. This gives creators easier access to the checkout option, helping to bridge social media with e-commerce growth.  

Building Brands

This new Instagram account method for an online shopping platform uses the extremely popular Instagram Stories feature to reach broader audiences, more so than solely promoting regularly scheduled posts. Current brands now have the chance to become extremely visible with promotion from the account. This tweaked online shopping experience expands the reach of upcoming creators and exposes their budding brands to the public.

Constantly Managed

There are countless benefits associated with the rising redeveloped shopping feature, but do you want to know the very best thing about shopping on Instagram? It’s that you are actually shopping with Instagram. The newly launched @shop account is constantly managed by an entire team of staff directly from Instagram and with this new direction for online commerce, site users constantly have support from Instagram Staffers.

Instagram’s ingenious re-definition raises expectations of companies and provides users with the well-deserved internal support system that serves as the foundation for potentially increased levels of commerce within the social media marketing platform. With the re-explored shopping angle on Instagram, the possibilities are endless.

Boost interests, break boundaries and captivate consumers with the newly launched Instagram @shop account. Fall for featured favorites and submerge yourself into interactive shopping posts intended to give users a bit of insight into the real people behind the brand.

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