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Why You Should Use Physical Marketing Materials to Amplify Your Digital Campaigns

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With the overwhelming popularity of digital marketing, traditional marketing, also known as physical marketing, tends to get overlooked. Some people think physical marketing materials are a thing of the past and that companies primarily focus on digital channels nowadays. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yes, digital marketing is a necessity today, but that doesn’t mean using physical marketing materials isn’t important anymore. Using physical marketing materials to amplify your digital campaigns is highly beneficial for your business.


The most effective campaigns have physical marketing materials integrated with their digital marketing. One of the many benefits of physical marketing is that it is more likely to stick with the viewer. Print material is great for online businesses because it can drive traffic to the website. For businesses with a physical location, print marketing is essential. Having signs and promotional materials will draw people into your store or office.


Digital Marketing Benefits


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Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is one of the biggest benefits of traditional marketing. Physical marketing materials mean that you can provide an instant visual impact for your product or business. This immediately begins to build a brand image. Brand recognition is dependent on visual materials, so you need to ensure that all of your print materials reflect your brand identity.



Having something tangible from your business also allows the customer to create a physical connection to you. This is something that they can’t do with any type of digital marketing method. Tangible items give your potential customers something to hold on to – literally.

One creative way to integrate your physical marketing materials with your digital marketing would be to create branded items like pens, mugs, and even stickers. Sticker Mule offers custom prints worldwide and aims to build incredible experiences in every order. Handing out stickers with your brand label and website URL is a fun and interactive way to gain more customers and website visitors, while simultaneously providing customers something to remember you by – an awesome sticker!



There are certain age groups and demographics that are more likely to see your campaigns in the mail, in a newspaper or on the TV. If you only focus on digital marketing, you will be missing out on potential customers.

Physical marketing campaigns have the added benefit of reaching into areas where technology can’t. Using flyers or posters and placing them on bulletin boards can reach a very specific target market, allowing your brand to stand out from the rest and be noticed by as many people as possible. Businesses can’t get by relying on just digital marketing alone. However, there are certain cases where digital marketing doesn’t have the right reach that print does.

Think of it this way. How many of the e-mail advertisements that you receive on a daily basis do you actually open and read? Probably not that many. While sending out mass e-mails will reach more people, that doesn’t mean every person that got one will take the time to read it. On the contrary, most people do take the time sorting out physical mail. This makes flyers, brochures, postcards, and anything else physical more likely to be seen.

After talking about the importance of brand recognition, tangibility, and reach, let’s get into some ways your brand can attain them through physical marketing materials.


Physical Marketing Materials


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Print Ads

One of the many benefits of physical marketing is that it is more likely to stick with the viewer. Print ads are easier for viewers to understand, which then provides better long-term brand recognition for your business. Digital advertisements all look the same at the end of the day and since viewers tend to see numerous add a day while online, they may just scroll right past yours. Another benefit to using print ads is that they are seen to be more trustworthy than digital ads. People are more likely to believe something in their local paper than a banner across the top of a webpage, which is why using print ads can add to your brand’s overall credibility.


Business Cards

You can never go wrong with handing someone a business card. They’re super important for any type of networking, and they’re one of the first pieces of content exchanged between you and a potential client, whether that be at trade shows or meetings. The aesthetics of them also make a huge first impression and studies show that 72% of people still judge businesses from their cards.


Direct Mail Postcards

Postcards are an excellent idea for print advertising. Like we talked about earlier, mail might be the only way to obtain a target market. These people could be retired and not on social media. Sending a postcard is a simple, yet effective way to reach them.

Postcards are easy to read and easy to create. They tend to stand out from the rest of the mail since no pages need to be turned and it will only take a couple of glances for your potential customer to figure out what the postcard is about. Postcards are a great tactic for any type of promotion and can be targeted to seasons or trends as well. grabbing a potential customer’s attention from all angles.


Why You Need Both


Quality, Not Quantity

Focus on quality, not quantity. While digital advertisements might win in quantity, physical marketing wins in quality. That being said, the key to great print marketing is graphic design. You need something that will want people to learn more about not only what you’re advertising, but your brand as a whole. If that means spending a little more on advertisements to ensure a high-quality print, do it. You want your prints to look and feel high end and when it’s done right, it’s well worth the investment.

In general, print captures a different dynamic of the marketing world when compared to any kind of digital content. Using physical marketing materials is still incredibly useful for brands and businesses. Don’t think that because we live in the digital age now that print needs to be obsolete.


Physical Marketing is Valuable

Physical marketing methods are both relevant and essential, despite the popularity of digital marketing. While more of your marketing activities may move into the online space, it’s important to develop a strategy that still includes physical marketing materials. At a time when it feels like technology is taking over almost everything, there is still plenty of room for some physical marketing to give you a chance to get creative with your campaigns and get your customers clicking!

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