Social Media is Honest

May 22, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research came out with a new study stating that people give more of an honest answer through text rather than in person. So next time you’re out shopping and you want an honest option on a dress from your boyfriend or girlfriend, try texting, they might say something like 'It really brings out the color of your eyes’ rather than just say 'it looks nice’. The study consisted of scientist’s texting 600 iPhone users simple questions like 'how often do you exercise?’ It was shown that more people answered honestly over text than in person, even when they were distracted either by walking or shopping. Those who text, believe that they answer honestly because they have time to stop and think about there answer. It’s like road rage, you don’t think twice about calling out, but if you are in a crowed situation like in NYC everyone seems to be use to their manners. This study can be associated with social media sites when considering likes and comments. Consider thinking twice before leaving a nasty comment not only for your personal social media site but for your business page as well. Next time you are posting about some cute shoes you want or writing a new blog for your company to put out, rest assure that those comments and likes are truthful.