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Tapiture “The Pinterest for Bros” Targets an Untouched Demographic in Online Shopping

​In today’s modern world, there seems to be new social networking sites popping up almost everyday. One of the newer sites out there is Tapiture.

In today’s modern world, there seems to be new social networking sites popping up almost everyday. One of the newer sites out there is Tapiture.

It’s a different kind of social network, fresh from the minds of Leo and John Resig, the co-founders of Resignation Media and the popular content and commerce brand The Chive, and it’s starting to pick up pace.

Tapiture went live in August of 2012 and has been slowly, but surely, gaining user support.

Tapiture holds many similarities to the larger, already popular social media site Pinterest, which currently has around 40 million users compared to Tapiture’s measily 1.5 million. The site is advertised as a “Pinterest for dudes.” To compete with Pinterest, which provides mostly female-related content, Tapiture is targeted at men and men interests.

The way the website functions is fluid and seamless. Users can choose to follow a broad range of topics, including everything from photography to cars. They may also follow other users on Instagram.

The backbone of Tapiture is however, the taps themselves. A user can install a “Tap button” to their browser by simply dragging a button to their bookmark bar. Once installed, users can easily “tap” any photo or video they find interesting on the Internet just by clicking on the bookmark bar, which is almost identical to “pinning” on Pinterest. Once they tap an image, it is saved to a collection of the user very similar to the way Pinterest does it for others to view and save.

Aside from sharing photos, Tapiture also allows users to shop online through the website itself. This is where the Resig brothers hope to benefit the most from on the site. According to Leo Resig in a recent Forbes article, Tapiture is “an e-commerce site disguised as a content site,” and they “know it’s going to work as long as we curate the best products that guys want, and situate it within the content of male-oriented photos.”

E-commerce has proven in the past to work extremely well for online marketing companies looking to advertise for clients or for small businesses to expand their brand. Online shopping within e-commerce is a trend that is constantly growing with millions of people around the preferring online shopping to conventional means.

Many people are skeptical of the potential success of e-commerce in the male demographic because it’s rarely targeted and the return seems to be lower. However, according to data released by comScore, and published in the Forbes article, “affluent males are now spending more online than women for the first time ever. Males outspend women by 20-30% per online transaction. Sale of men’s apparel was on track to grow 8.26% in the first half of 2012—the largest increase seen in this category in decades.”

The Resig brothers hope to grab hold of this growing demographic through the simple male natural born instinct to “show their friends something cool.” The brothers want men to find interesting things on their site, and show them to their friends so they can buy the items directly from Tapiture.

The future of Tapiture is hopeful. The number of unique users is rising each day, as is the number of page visits and transactions. It’s hard to say how far the company will go, but if targeting the male demographic pays off, the Resig brothers may have just tapped into something special.

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