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The Most Common SEO Misconceptions

Common SEO Misconceptions

As is the case with any digital marketing strategy, there is no exact science when it comes to search engine optimization. Defined as the process by which a website is improved for greater search engine visibility, SEO plays a pivotal role in marketing. It ensures that a site is seen by as many people as possible when key terms are searched. Furthermore, it helps generate traffic and user engagement. While strategies will vary across the board, there are a few common factors that Long Island SEO specialists will draw attention to. There are also many common SEO misconceptions to be aware of.

Such common factors include, but aren’t limited to, high-quality content creation and proper linking. Whether a company specializes in selling insurance, providing legal guidance, or manufacturing food and beverages, there are certain rules that they should follow to ensure optimal SEO results. What they must also take into account, however, are the misconceptions surrounding the topic at hand. Anyone that has read up on SEO at length may have come across inaccuracies that fail to hold water. Are you looking to develop an SEO strategy all your own? Start by recognizing just a few of these common SEO misconceptions.

“Content doesn’t matter in SEO.” This is one of the most common SEO misconceptions, not to mention among the most harmful. Content plays a vital role in how well businesses rank online, regardless of what they sell or provide to the public. While a piece of content can include the right keywords, if it’s low effort, it won’t yield results. Furthermore, content should be a suitable length to be constituted as high-quality. Ideally, you would be wise to avoid churning out 300-word blog posts that only take a few minutes each to create. Put ample thought and consideration into the content you produce, as this will lead to better SEO results.

Common SEO Misconceptions

“It’s a waste of time to optimize for multiple platforms.” Gone are the days when websites were visited on desktop and laptop computers alone. Mobile technology has developed the need for website optimization from a mobile standpoint as well. Simply put, if a website fails to perform across multiple devices, its visibility will be limited. This is one of the areas of web development that should take priority. Webpages must be built in such a way that they can complement multiple device formats; the same can be said for the content said webpages house. It’s not a waste of time to optimize for multiple platforms. Rather, it’s a part of any balanced SEO strategy.

“One should only focus on a few keywords.” Keyword research plays a vital role in SEO. Businesses need to know which terms to go for, as well as those that users search for the most when seeking out information. However, to keep things limited, in this regard, would be a major oversight. Every company should have a broad keyword profile, including everything from short to long-tail terms, as well as those with varying degrees of search volume. Not only does this help businesses better determine which terms to go after, but it can make content creation that much easier. Every SEO approach should have a broad keyword profile in place.

“Quick results can be promised.” Of all the common SEO misconceptions that are perpetuated, this is perhaps the most frequent. A company may promise quick results, even those that can be yielded overnight. In other words, if a business works with a “specialist,” they will rise to the top of search engine rankings in no time. This is simply untrue, mainly because no one person owns a search engine. Additionally, search engines have become more sophisticated over the years, generating results based on numerous variables. Ideally, a business would work with a digital marketing agency that not only provides realistic expectations but knows the best practices to implement.

“I don’t necessarily need an SEO specialist.” While a business owner may not believe that hiring a reputable specialist is needed, there are a few reasons why it works in the former’s favor. First, it allows them to continue their day-to-day operations while their SEO is left in capable hands. Second, allowing an SEO specialist to do the heavy work provides a business owner with in-depth information, whether in regard to growth, challenges, or successes. Third, business owners that lack digital marketing know-how may not know where to begin with SEO. For these reasons, as well as others, an SEO specialist may be more necessary than one would believe.

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