The Social Music Revolution: Music's Social Influence

Aug 15, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

Mashable recently posted an infographic that broke down how people now listen to music. The infographic provided a lot of insight into the current state of affairs in the music industry and maybe provided a glimpse of how music will continue to evolve into the future. All of the information for the infographic was generated from a survey that was delivered by Market Research.

People are still listening to a lot of music. 45% of respondents said they listen to over ten hours of music a week. This makes sense as people are often listening to music in their car, at work, and when they are doing various tasks around their home. I personally have my iPod hooked up through an auxiliary input in my Mazda (affectionately known as the Maasda) and I listen to a few of the over 3,000 songs on my iPod each time I drive.

60% of the people surveyed said they download music for free. In today’s climate this actually seems low to me. I know from personal experience that a lot of people I talk to say they strictly download music for free and they haven’t paid for music in years. This may be a case of people answering the survey being nervous to admit to downloading music for free.

The biggest takeaway I got from the survey came from the fact that 94% of people listened to a song because they saw that a friend was listening to it. This shows how social media has really had an effect on the music industry. A song can quickly spread and gain popularity because everyone is able to see what is being listened to. Music was always a social experience, but now there are fewer boundaries than ever before. People who listen to metal also listen to pop because they are exposed to popular songs on all of their social media networks.

The social music revolution has arrived. Strap in, listen, and enjoy.


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