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The TikTok Do’s and Don’ts for Internet Marketing Success

TikTok Internet Marketing Success

To say that TikTok is a big platform would be an understatement. In the social media landscape today, it’s a major player that continues to pick up steam, particularly among younger audiences. Whether for entertainment or educational purposes, this video-sharing app’s popularity can’t be denied. In fact, it’s fair to assume that content marketing companies will want to prioritize this for clients that specialize in video content. For a better understanding of how to maximize TikTok for Internet marketing success, here are a few of the do’s and don’ts to follow.

Understand what’s trending on TikTok. First and foremost, content creators should know what’s trending on the platform at any given time. This information can be easily found in the app’s Discover section. This is used to aggregate the most popular content, broken up into different categories. “DIYProjects,” for example, houses videos used to instruct users on numerous projects, step by step. “MobileGame,” as the trend suggests, highlights content focused on mobile gaming, both retro and modern. Knowing what’s trending will allow businesses to create content that better performs on the platform.

Complete and optimize your TikTok bio. Every TikTok user has their own bio that they can fill out. This will allow a user to determine their username, provide a description of themselves or their business, and link their other social media profiles, among other features. TikTok bios will also show the catalog of videos they’ve created, in addition to content they made private, as well as videos from other users that were liked. A complete TikTok bio will come across as more professional, serving as a natural extension to the business being represented. It may also provide an SEO boost, especially if the profile and video content have specific keywords implemented.

TikTok Internet Marketing Success

Create snappy, to-the-point video content. When it comes to creating content on TikTok, keeping things short but snappy is advised. Not unlike Vine years prior, TikTok thrives on content that immediately grabs the user, entertaining or informing them before sending them on their way. Originally, TikTok allowed a single video to be only 15 seconds at length. It wasn’t until recently that the social media platform became more lenient, allowing up to 4 videos to be strung together, which would result in a total of 60 seconds of content. Make the most of the time you’re allotted on TikTok.

Take advantage of TikTok’s various editing features. To say that TikTok makes video editing easy would be an understatement. In fact, even those with minimal to no experience in editing will be able to create professional-looking content, courtesy of the platform’s editing features. Case and point, in addition to its aesthetic filters, TikTok provides interactive media. Such media includes, but isn’t limited to, quizzes and sound mixing. Not only do these bolster content produced by well-known influencers, many of whom work with influencer marketing agencies, but those that are simply getting their feet wet on TikTok. There are more than enough tools to get started.

Publish on TikTok on a regular basis. As is the case with any social media platform, consistency leads to results on TikTok. Marketers cannot expect results from the platform unless they put forth the effort. In other words, a single day or two of activity won’t suffice. How many times should one post on TikTok, one may wonder? It’s recommended that this be done anywhere from one to three times per day, though usage will vary depending on a company’s focus on video content. Ideal times to post will also vary throughout the week. In most cases, however, one should aim for late morning or early afternoon postings. Timing is integral to generating success on the platform.

Stay true to your brand. As stated earlier, one’s TikTok profile, or presentation, should be an extension of the business they represent. Thus, when it comes to creating and sharing content, it’s important to stay true to the brand. If a company specializes in low-calorie meals, they’re likely to create videos showcasing how different foods can be used to create meals for those that are on diets. This content is relevant to the brand and doesn’t seem out of place. Furthermore, if a company has a specific tone or utilizes certain language on other social media platforms, said tone and language must be present on TikTok as well. Staying on-brand is essential to building a presence on TikTok.

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