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What is Reddit? A Few Things to Know

What is Reddit

The advent of Internet forums was one of the most vital occurrences to the growth of digital media as we know it today. These websites served as communities for their users to discuss various topics ranging from entertainment to technology to business and everything in between. While forums are still in existence today, it can be argued that they’re not as prevalent now. This is due, in large part, to the networking platforms that social media agencies use today. Despite this, one particular platform has been able to retain many of the concepts that made Internet forums so popular, modernizing the overall concept: Reddit. To those that are unfamiliar, one question will immediately spring to mind: what is Reddit?

“What is Reddit,” you may wonder? This is an extensive topic that can be discussed at length. Simply put, however, it’s a social media platform in which countless communities exist. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sports fan, an aspiring chef, or a philosophy enthusiast, just to name a few possibilities. If you’re passionate about a specific interest, there’s a solid chance that a community on Reddit awaits you. It may even help you gain leverage from a business standpoint, allowing you to market or promote to a wider audience. To receive a better understanding of what Reddit entails, however, here are a few things to know.

To begin answering “what is Reddit,” did you know that there are over 52 million daily active users on the site? This is information that comes from Reddit itself. Furthermore, users on the platform can be seen around the world. While most users are from the United States – roughly 222 million monthly active users, to be more specific – other regions including Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Poland are represented. This speaks volumes about the international reach that Reddit offers. For companies that are looking to make Reddit part of their ongoing marketing endeavors, this information may be of interest.

Additionally, there are roughly 303 million posts shared on Reddit on a yearly basis. In 2020, 303.4 million posts were made on the platform, which is up significantly from 199 million in 2019. Keep in mind that content on the platform spans various mediums. Text posts, images, and videos are the key types of content that Reddit users can consume. This doesn’t even begin to touch on the subreddits, which are effectively the separate communities on Reddit, that are constantly formed. Per Reddit, as of January of this year, over 59,000 new subreddits were added to the site’s ever-expanding ecosystem.

According to Alexa, Reddit is the 20th most visited website in the world today. While this doesn’t necessarily place Reddit among prominent names such as Wikipedia, Yahoo, and Amazon, it has been able to outrank Instagram, Microsoft, Twitch, and others. For the uninitiated, an Alexa rank is a global measure of a website’s popularity, which is determined by variables including web traffic and user engagement. Unlike a typical search engine ranking, the lower a site’s Alexa rank, the more popular it is. There are many ways that a website’s Alexa rank can be improved, such as creating high-quality content and improving on-site elements such as title and meta tags.

What is Reddit

It’s also worth noting that, compared to other social media platforms, Reddit’s mobile versus desktop use is more balanced. Only a little over 70 percent of all Reddit users, in the United States, access the platform on their mobile devices. While this may seem like a strong statistic, note that other social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, have more solid mobile activity. Reddit’s balance of mobile and desktop utilization is interesting, as it shows that the platform still has a focused desktop audience. Nonetheless, optimization for mobile platforms should be a priority, which is where a seasoned web design agency can assist.

If you’ve been asking “what is Reddit,” hopefully these details were able to provide the insight you’re looking for. This is an ever-expanding social media platform that shares rarified air with Facebook, Twitter, and other popular sites that people use daily. It may be overwhelming to get started, especially with the countless communities that exist on the platform. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll see just how much value it can have, whether for personal or business purposes.

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