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What to Know About Gen Z Digital Marketing

Gen Z Digital Marketing

By definition, Gen Z – also known as Generation Z or zoomers – is the demographic that succeeds Millennials. Generally speaking, individuals that fall into the Gen Z category were born anywhere from the mid-to-late 1990s to the 2010s. Though the specifics regarding this generation may vary from one case to another, it can’t be denied that this group is vital to many businesses. Thus, any online marketing agency should tailor their practices to them, not only speaking to Gen Z members but appealing to them to such a degree that they will be motivated to learn more or even make purchases. When it comes to Gen Z digital marketing, including social media efforts, technical goals, and beyond, consider the following details.

Gen Z Digital Marketing – What to Know

Know That Traditional Marketing Isn’t the Priority

If there’s one Gen Z digital marketing fact that stands out above the rest, it’s that traditional marketing is not nearly as effective as more contemporary means. What this means is that your budget should not be so focused on radio, TV commercials, and other long-standing marketing methods. Instead, consider the platforms that Gen Zers use today. Social media is critical in this regard, so use different platforms to create stories that lead customers to your products and services. Video content, despite the time and monetary investment associated with it, can also prove useful. Marketing to Gen Zers entails a greater focus on trends, so be mindful of what’s popular.

Clearly Define Your Company

Perhaps more than any other generation prior, Gen Zers wish to know about the companies advertising to them. This goes far beyond products and services being offered, which is where you, as a business owner, must clearly define your goals, objectives, and mission statement. What values does your business uphold? How do you serve your community to make it better? These are among the most common questions that Gen Zers ask when researching companies and, ultimately, deciding on which ones to work with. To Gen Z, a company can be more than simply a vehicle to promote one’s wares, which is where smart advertising comes into play.

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Be Mindful of Content

One of the most important things to know regarding Gen Z digital marketing is content. While it can’t be stated enough just how intrinsically linked content and digital marketing are, being mindful of the former, from a creative standpoint, is vital. With this in mind, it should be asked, what content best appeals to a Gen Z audience? Perhaps the most effective is short-form video content. The popularity of such platforms as TikTok and Snapchat are evidence of this, appealing to younger users with bite-sized content that can either educate or entertain them. A simple scroll through one of these platforms will show just how engaging short-form video can be. This isn’t to say that one’s content has to be limited, which is where insight from a seasoned content marketing agency can assist.

Create a Personality to Represent Your Brand

Another way to tackle Gen Z digital marketing is by creating a personality that helps represent your brand. While this may seem like a challenge, it can open many creative possibilities, resulting in unique presentations that speak to Gen Zers. This will carry throughout every marketing endeavor that a company partakes in, whether it’s content creation, as mentioned earlier, social media management, or community outreach, just to name a few examples. Gen Zers are most likely to remember brands that take bold decisions, from a branding standpoint, that go outside the box. As a result, those brands will see increasing results over time.

Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

From a technical standpoint, several steps should be taken to enhance your Gen Z digital marketing efforts. Case and point, your website should be as mobile-friendly as possible, allowing users to access and utilize it with ease when they’re on the go. People are receiving their first smartphones earlier in age, so it goes without saying that they have greater expectations of websites than previous generations. As such, your business site should be up for the task. Ensure that movement from one internal page to the next takes next to no time at all. Incorporate alternate tags for not only said pages but media such as images. By following these steps, your site will be more appealing to Gen Zers, providing a major boost to your digital marketing strategy.

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