Will Zuckerberg’s Decline as a Billionaire Impact Facebook?

Aug 9, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

Recently reported on Bloomberg News, Mark Zuckerberg has been brought down a few notches on the Billionaire social ladder. While his fortune is still an impressive $10.2 billion, Zuckerberg has fallen behind James Goodnight, the co-founder of SAS Institute at $21 billion. Though Zuckerberg has taken a beating in earnings, Facebook stock, which has fallen 47% since the IPO, saw an increase of 2% on Friday.

Confidence in Facebook’s earnings have been shaken by investors as the social media giant fails to improve on Wall Street but does Zuckerberg’s losses have a direct correlation? Like Steve Jobs and Apple, Mark Zuckerberg has become the proverbial mascot of Facebook. However, I do not believe that Facebook will ever fail on account of Zuckerberg.

Facebook has become Zuckerberg’s Frankenstein Monster; legacy that will outlive its creator and become something more than a social media platform. While we might want to see the mighty fall (human existence thrives on failure), companies like Facebook that have become an appendage to the human hand will never fade away.

I have predicted on several accounts that Facebook will develop into its own search engine, design its own technology and run the world in its own way while Google falls to the way side. Is there evidence that such a feat will occur? Only small pieces of information have suggested that Facebook’s dominance is possible; only time will tell.


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