YouTube: The Best New Marketing Tool?

Oct 14, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

Talking animals, people falling, and little Charlie biting his older brother - These are all just some examples of the endless amount of content YouTube. The content ranges from music and gaming to comedy and how-to videos. Whatever the content may be, it is generating a lot of traffic and social media interaction as well.

An infographic developed by OpenSlate, shows that the average YouTube 1000 channel generates 44,000 social media interactions each week. That is an insane number of interactions from one website. YouTube has a huge social media following with 2.5 billion likes on their Facebook page and 624 million followers on Twitter. There is clearly a large amount of traffic through Facebook. This led me to wonder, what is the best way that YouTube be effectively used as a marketing tool?

Just think, with a creative mind and the proper video equipment you could make a YouTube channel for your company that could greatly benefit you. It seems that YouTube has become a popular staple in the world of social media. Tracking your subscribers and views, and access to you video statistics ,allows you to see who is watching your videos, where they are being reposted, and what people think of them.

I have noticed more and more that when you go to a company page they have a link to their respective YouTube channel. With the amount of traffic YouTube generates and with the right strategy, YouTube can make your company seen and heard.

In the world we leave in today, people would rather watch a video than read something. YouTube provides a free and effective service of allowing you to upload video content. So get the cameras rolling and reap the benefits YouTube has to offer.


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