From Farmville to Social Network


Internet gaming has held a long-reigning popularity since the beginning of the Internet itself. Web-users have always looked to the computer to pass time and to play opponents in all kinds of fun ways from puzzles, to word games, to action-battling games and even virtual board games.  What we now see though is a turn from just online gaming to social media gaming.

The ever popular online gaming company, Zynga, has more than 250 million users on Facebook alone. This company develops browser-based games that work both on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Google + and even just as application widgets on mobile devices.  Games like Farmville and Words with Friends are as accessible as social media sites themselves and allow you to actually interact with your friends and chat with them while playing.  Now, we see this company expanding in an attempt to change the online-gaming world.

“Zynga with Friends,” a new social network for gamers was released by Zynga Inc. on Tuesday.  Game players can now make profiles and chat with other users either on mobile devices or on desktop computers. According to senior Zynga executive, Manuel Bronstein, it is “one network, one unified experience, and one social lobby that will for the first time connect all of our players, no matter what they’re playing.”

Bronstein says that the features and services are designed for bringing more people to play together.  Facebook’s reach of 1 billion users has definitely helped Zynga’s games gain popularity but the company is hoping to seek independence in order to grow since Facebook’s expansion has been slowing down.

As this company gains its independence, it is probable that we will see an increase in social media gaming competitors. This site will certainly be achieving the popularity it intended to receive by allowing us to meet new people and communicate with our old friends while playing the games we love.




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