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God Bless American Social Media: How you can celebrate America’s Birthday on Facebook


This Wednesday is America’s birthday and what better way to celebrate our nation’s birth than by ripping your chest hair off and screaming out our country’s name? No takers? Not a fan of America? You should be ashamed of yourself. Well, I guess there are easier ways to celebrate Independence Day this year besides getting drunk and blowing up trash cans. For starters, as a member of the social media world I can suggest a couple of things that we as Americans can celebrate in honor of our nation’s birth:

  • Post your thanks for freedom

Change your status or tweet your love for America. I plan on turning my iPhone off and hanging by the pool while drinking beer to express my patriotism. Show off your colors and let the social media universe know that you are a patriot.

  • Wave a digital flag

Change your Facebook pic or Twitter background to an American flag. If you are really bold you should change your Mac’s wallpaper to a Mel Gibson quality American Flag and wave that bad boy like a Vietnam Vet.

  • Tweet BBQ invites

Spread the word digitally if you can’t put your phone

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down for a Nano-second. Tweet your invites to express your going green movement and save time sending emails. If you want to go out for the 4th make sure to check into the hot spots on Four Square and update your status for every shot you take which leads me to…

I can’t stress this enough. When you salute our fore fathers with a shot of tequila in each hand, make sure to stay out of trouble. Too many people end up behind bars after getting behind the wheel of a car. Twitter and Facebook posts are dangerous when under the influence too so make sure to take it easy. If you are going to Tweet, share or pin, do so with a little responsibility and dignity. Enjoy the holiday, drink responsibility and update statuses!