30 Facebook Timeline Contest Ideas That Drive Likes and Comments

On August 26th, Facebook updated its promotions guidelines to allow brands to run Facebook contests on their Fan Page Timelines. With these new Facebook promotion guidelines, brands can

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now accept “contest entries” by asking fans to like, comment, or message the page. While this is a huge opportunity to drive brand engagement, many businesses are struggling to come up with Facebook contest ideas for their fan page timelines. Several Facebook app companies launched the ability to export a .csv of likes and comments to help business owners take advantage of these changes. However, many brands were asking the same questions that Salma is asking below: Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 9.55.11 AM     With many great tools to manage likes and comments, how do you go about ensuring that Facebook Timeline Contest you post actually gets engagement? The status updates below are meant to inspire you with ideas that take advantage of the new Facebook changes. 30 Facebook Timeline Contests to Drive Likes and Comments 1. We’re almost to 40,000 fans. Click like to celebrate! The 100th like will get a free [INCENTIVE] 2. Comment “Coupon” below to get 20% off your next purchase at [FAN PAGE NAME]. Enter before 5pm EST tomorrow! 3. We’d love getting to know you as well as your best friend knows you! Leave a comment below and attach a picture of you and your best friend for your chance to win [INCENTIVE]. We’ll pick a winner at noon PST tomorrow. 4. Comment below for your chance to win a free T-Shirt: The best kind of [INSERT] is _____________. Get the most likes on your comment by 2pm EST tomorrow to win! 5. Comment below, what year was [FAN PAGE NAME] founded in? The first person to guess it right gets [INCENTIVE] 6. On a scale 0-10+ what do you think of our new product pictured below? The person who leaves the best feedback in the comments will win the product totally free! Winner chosen at 2pm EST tomorrow. 7. Who is excited for Winter? Like this post for your chance to win [INCENTIVE]. We’ll pick a winner at 1pm EST tomorrow. 8. Tomorrow is our 50% in store sale! Click like for your chance to win your entire purchase, free (max $500). We’ll pick a winner at 9am EST tomorrow! 9. We’re launching a new menu item and want your feedback. Comment below and tell us what ingredient you think we should add to the menu item pictured below. The winner will get a free year of the menu item! We’ll announce the winner on our fan page at 2pm EST tomorrow. 10. TRIVIA: How many fortune 500 brands do we work with? Comment below with your guess for a chance to win a free $500 service plan! Winner will be announced at 1pm EST tomorrow. 11. Click “Like” if you can’t wait for the weekend. At 2pm EST tomorrow we’re picking a winner who’ll get a weekend trip for two to Myrtle Beach! 12. Caption this! Comment below with your idea. The comment that gets the most likes will win a [INCENTIVE]. Winner will be picked tomorrow at 5pm EST. 13. Guess how many Jelly Beans are in the jar pictured below. The person who comments closest to the actual amount will win a free year of Jelly Beans! Winner picked at 5pm EST tomorrow. Pro Tip: Get a picture of whatever your product is with “a lot” of the product featured. This could be your new books stacked on a bookshelf if you’re an author or 100’s of pairs of shoes if you’re Nike. Ask your fans to guess #’s. Its quick, fast, and easy for them to participate. Click here for contest ideas you could use for your brand. 14. On a scale of 0-10+ how much do you love [ENTER BUSINESS NAME]. Tomorrow at 2pm EST we’ll pick our biggest fan and will feature them in our cover photo! 15. Enter your twitter handle in the comments below. The person who comments with the most followers will win a Free T-Shirt! We’ll pick the winner at 3pm EST tomorrow. 16. Last night we played an epic show at The Sycamore Deli. Click ‘LIKE’ if you were there (or wish you were!) for a chance to win a free CD! 17. Gearing up for Halloween! Post a picture of your costume in the comments for a chance to win [INCENTIVE]. Winner will be picked tomorrow at 5pm EST. 18. What will the score of tonight’s game be between the Eagles & Redskins? The closest guess will win [INCENTIVE]. Winner will be announced at 8am tomorrow morning on our fan page. 19. When you were a kid what you want to be when you grew up? Share your dream in the comments to win [INCENTIVE]. We’ll pick a winner at noon EST on Friday. 20. Click on this picture and tap ‘L’ on your keyboard for a chance to win [INCENTIVE] hint: tapping L ‘likes’ the photo 😉 The 100th like wins! 21. How many cups of coffee is too many? Comment below for a chance to win a $10 Starbucks giftcard to feed that caffeine addiction :) Winner will be picked at 9am EST tomorrow (that is, if you’ve had your coffee and are awake) 22. What did you do this past weekend? Share a photo that you took in the comments – picture with the most ‘likes’ will be our featured cover photo for the rest of the week! Contest ends on Monday at 11am PST. 23. If I could be anywhere in the world right now, I would be in __________________. Share your favorite vacation destination for a chance to win! Winner will be picked at noon EST tomorrow! 24. Who is the first character to utter any kind of speech in the original Star Wars? Guess the right answer and you could win this Darth Vader t-shirt! Winner will be picked at 9pm EST tomorrow! 25. Who is the only MLB player to hit a homerun in his first two World Series at-bats? Share the right answer and you could win tickets to the 2013 World Series! We’ll pick the lucky winner at noon EST tomorrow. Check back on our fan page wall to see if you won! 26. My favorite song is ________ by _______. Post your favorite song and artist below and win tickets to the next show! We’ll pick a winner from the comments at 5pm on Wednesday! 27. If you could eat only one thing from our menu for 365 days, what would it be? Share with us for your chance to win a giftcard! Winner will be announced at 3pm EST on Tuesday! 28. My favorite thing to do at the beach is _______. Share your favorite beach-day hobby with us, and you could win a trip to Cancun for Spring Break! Giveaway ends at 4pm EST tomorrow. 29. Who was the first astronaut to go into space? Answer correctly, and you could win tickets to the Air & Space museum downtown! Contest ends at 5pm EST tomorrow. 30. “A flute without holes is not a flute. A donut without a hole, is a Danish.” – ?? Name who said this quote and from what movie, and you could win a [INCENTIVE]! We’ll post the winner to our wall at 5pm EST tomorrow. Like these ideas? Give the new Timeline Contest Creator a try and auto-generate status updates for your own contest: https://heyo.com/timeline-contest-creator-live Sentence Architecture for High Converting Facebook Timeline Contests For brands looking to make Facebook contests that’ll get likes and comments on their brands timeline, you can follow the formula below and it’ll work every time. Keep the Facebook Timeline Contest focused and brand specific for best results:   Call to Action + Incentive + Ending Time + Rules and Regulations If you’re having troubles thinking of ideas, or just want more inspiration, Heyo built a tool that auto-generates highly effective Facebook Timeline Contests for your brand. Click here to use it and you’ll be driving likes and comments before you know it. Your Turn Do you think you’ll run a Timeline Contest on your Fan Page?

Digital Marketing is the Future

Full service digital marketing agencies and social media agencies have now caught the attention of many corporations and small businesses, but why? Because social media agencies and digital marketing firms can put any small business owner on the map, giving them a wide reach to clientele from around the world to sell their product.

With the availability of the internet stretching to other regions of the world we are becoming more connected than ever before. In addition, newer forms of technology like video chatting and upgraded social media sites, are allowing people from around the world to communicate with each other, for free in some cases. With the availability of all these resources, businesses can now target a global audience, an audience that past business owners dreamed about back in 80s, but now it’s here, and for everyone. Not only that, businesses can track you’re online searches and interests to specifically target the type of buyers they want. A little creepy but it works.

What’s great about advertising online, other than the affordability, is if an advertising method is not working, you can easily adapt your method of outreach to customers you want. Businesses can track the traffic coming to their websites and brands with the availability of data tracking devices. With digital marketing agencies companies can let their brand roam free in the world and watch it gain a steady population of clientele. On social media sites, businesses brands can go viral in a matter of hours, days and weeks, if the message is right, and you can gain wide public attention for your product that once required a lot of time and effort. The best example of this would be to look at our current president, who championed in campaigning on social media sites.

With the specific marketing tactics that full service digital marketing and social media firms give a business, you are never being truly intrusive to customers who might not be interested. No longer are you getting people angry by sending messages that go to right an individual’s spam. Now if someone doesn’t like your product they can ignore your advertisements and since you can tailor your brand to a specific audience, business owners don’t have to worry! With the social media sites you can even get greater engagement with your fans and customers because they interact with your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media site profiles. This creates a powerhouse community within an organization and its customers unlike any other according BusinessZone.

With all of these new and great prospects we may see the decrease of traditional forms of marketing, and the expansion of Digital marketing and social media sites in the future. Will it become a global form of advertising is the question? Most people would say yes! And one would have to agree that online advertising has not just become a trendy form of marketing your brand, at least not anymore, it has now become an essential form of advertising for a business. It reaps in huge profits and a lot of other great results for success. So it is safe to say we might see a continuous rise in Digital Marketing Firms and social media sites, as the technology for advertising brands move forward.

4 Ways Social Media Could Electrify Tesla

I hope it won’t disappoint my readers to discover that this article addresses the social media potential of Tesla Motors, not the 19th century inventor. It has, however, dawned on me just how enticing an imaginary Twitter battle between Nikola and Tommy Edison would be, so stay tuned. For now, we must consider how the hottest vehicle on the planet could elevate its brand to even greater heights.

By most market indications, Tesla Motors and its line of pure electric vehicles is among the most progressive auto manufacturers in the world. Its stock spiked 14 percent last weak to breach $100 for the first time. Both Motor Trend and Automobile magazines named the newly launched S Sedan Car of the Year for 2013.

Reservations are still required to purchase the crazy cool vehicle, and Tesla now refuses to disclose hard numbers about demand. It explained that demand is “no longer a meaningful metric.”

The company’s stock climbed 25 percent after that statement on May 8. Yeah, Telsa is that cool.

The overlaps between social media users and prospective Tesla drivers are evident. Hollywood’s lust for green initiatives is only rivaled by its Twitter obsession. LinkedIn profiles have become as valuable to business people as stock quotes and tie clips. It’s only fitting to pair the car of the future with the prime communication vehicles of our time. Here’s how Tesla can become the first-ever social media car.

  1. Sync Twitter and Facebook FeedsThe Tesla S makes good use of its mammoth 17” screen, but there’s plenty of leftover real estate to display live feeds continually. Automating the vehicle to vocally read back incoming messaging would keep one’s eyes on the road and ear to the social grindstone.
  2. Auto Check-InsUsing location services on Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can actually be more tedious and error-prone than convenient, and cars should really start to pull their weight on these tasks. Prompting the driver to digitally check in each time a Tesla is placed in park would best utilize the vehicle’s GPS.
  3. Share Spotify PlaylistsI can’t name many cars that don’t offer CD players at all, and Internet radio is Tesla’s prime medium of entertainment. If we could have inter-vehicular Spotify sharing, we’d also get an insightful glimpse into the speeds at which our friends are driving (my I-495 playlist would be flooded with Muse and Metallica jams). So while I’m be cruising, my friend might be speeding as he blasts Swedish House Mafia.
  4. Share Rear-View Camera PhotosIncorporating software that captures and shares images from vehicles’ rear-view cameras could plausibly become the next photo sensation. #backitup.

The possibilities for Telsa are endless, and any auto-aware Internet marketing company would be drooling at the chance to market these cars to the global community while optimizing social media integration. After all, what’s the use of a car that can’t vocally update my Facebook status?

In its embrace of social media compatibilities, Tesla the car could take many cues from Tesla the man. The latter did not invent electricity, but is credited for harnessing and reapplying its capabilities in the form of his alternating current system. Facebook and Twitter encourage firms of similar ingenuity and imagination to utilize their products. I’m not suggesting a Google Glass windshield just yet, but the opportunity is ripe for Tesla Motors to introduce social media to the automotive world.

5 Ways Social Media Makes You Part of the Cicada Swarm

Some parts of the east coast are already experiencing the highly anticipated emergence of cicadas.  There reception to these buggers has been decidedly mixed.  Some see the mass numbers of cicadas as gross and their presence is little more than a noisy pestilence.  Others view the coming of the cicadas as a rare sight of beauty, appreciating the significance in their appearance.  Whether or not one favors the hordes, it may behoove every observer to stay their judgment until they take a more personal look at their cicada brethren.

Use of social media brings the casual observer much closer to cicadas than they might realize.  If one breaks down the purpose of varying social media platforms into its most basic forms and apply a bit of abstract thinking, there are five ways in which social media bridges the gap between humans and cicadas.

We tweet, they buzz:

Most savvy social media users know that Twitter is a micro blog designed to allow people to send out short messages.  Cicadas send out brief bursts of buzzing.  In essence our tweets and their buzzes function in very similar fashion, they are meant to get attention.  Furthermore, in order to be effective, tweets and buzzes happen with high frequency.  Finding one individuals tweet in a lengthy string of tweets is difficult, especially if they don’t tweet often.  Likewise, for one cicada to find another specific buzzer, the buzz needs to be reoccurring.

Summer Lovin’:

Online dating sites are essentially a form of specialized social media.  They serve to bring people together for the specific purpose of making a connection with that special someone.  While common interests and hobbies are all well and good, the end goal is to find a mate.  At the end of the 17 year life cycle for the cicadas, their buzz is a search for another cicada to help continue the species.  Humans simply have the added benefit of not expiring after reproduction.

Finding Opportunity:

LinkedIn is perhaps the most notable way for people to make those professional connections.  The idea is to present one’s credentials in order to network with like professionals or even seek new opportunities.  When all is in order, success is likely the end result.  However, others have difficulty and fall short of their goals.  Humans and cicadas both run the risk of running out of time before finding what they are looking for and miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Countless Friends:

Few social media platforms allow you to claim as many friends as Facebook.  Some profiles claim numbers of friends large enough to populate a small country.  In reality the quality of those friends vary significantly but they are still apart of an individual’s social circle.  When cicadas come out in force they number in the billions.  In both cases, a sharing of significant events, like weddings or the last few days of your insect life, can be experienced with those around you.

Pinning a Legacy:

Before the move to let online marketing companies move in on the online posting board, one of the more appealing aspects to Pinterest was being able to leaving something behind for future onlookers to benefit from.  A user can find a recipe or a photo and pin it to a board.  In turn, visitors of the board reap the benefits or joy that those before them sewed in.  In a more literal sense, cicadas pin their legacy to the trees that they spent so much time on.  Cicada eggs are drilled into tree branches and the nymphs that hatch benefit from their forebears’ choice of home.

Before giving into fear or disgust of countless cicadas, take a minute to reflect on how we are more alike than you might have originally thought.  We’re both social creatures and we both want to be heard.  After all, if you only had a little while left, wouldn’t you want to go out with a bang too?


The Yahoo-Tumblr Marriage: As Seen By A Not-So-Disgruntled Tumblr User

From the moment Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced the $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr, the underbelly of the alternative social network bellowed. It was a cry heard ‘round the world, as devoted Tumblr fanatics took to their blogs to express their fears and dismay.

Though Mayer promised not to “screw it up,” many Tumblr fans fear Yahoo might start regulating content, throwing out the “anything goes” aspect users have grown to love so much. There’s also a lot of unease from users worried about an overflow of advertisements, something Tumblr has avoided in the past.

As an avid Tumblr user, my initial reaction was somewhat similar. “THEY’RE GOING TO RUIN TUMBLR AND MY LIFE! WHYYYYYYYYYYY?” (Insert GIF of James Van Der Beek’s famous crying face from “Dawson’s Creek”)

However, after watching a recent Good Morning America interview, I felt relieved.

According to Mayer and Tumblr CEO David Karp, Tumblr’s most precious features will remain unchanged.  But, that’s not to say adjustments aren’t coming. Karp, who had previously expressed utmost disgust for advertising on the site, revealed ads are inevitable. We all knew that was coming. For a website with over 50 billion blog posts, 300 million unique monthly visitors and little revenue, it would be a death wish to shun advertising.

So as Yahoo enters the equation, and advertisements are undoubtedly on the horizon, will there be a way to appease users without prompting an exodus? Well, as Karp said in the GMA interview, yes. He doesn’t want tacky advertisements. “The thesis for our business was that that was the type of advertising that we could inspire and enable on Tumblr,” he said in the interview.

The key words there are “inspire and enable.” Tumblr is a place of creativity and freethinking. Visual content is of the utmost importance.

What Yahoo needs to do here is something like content marketing. Perhaps, instead of content marketing, which is a method used mostly by online marketing companies, we’ll call it “content advertising.” Content advertising should Tumblr users to the advertisements by making them bold, beautiful and compelling. Nobody wants to see a bogus ad on the side of their page or on their Dashboard. Instead, create ads that people will WANT to reblog. Put the advertisement text in the text box, so if someone wants to reblog the image or video, the words won’t show up on their perfectly designed Tumblr theme.

If Karp and Mayer strive to keep Tumblr as it is and grow its user base, I see this as the only way to advertise. If you post a pretty picture on Tumblr, you’re guaranteed thousands of reblogs.  However, if you accompany that picture with an ad in the text box, it turns into a viral advertisement without being too invasive or overwhelming.

Since the merger of Yahoo and Tumblr combines some of the brightest minds in technology, I don’t think it will be too hard for them to come up with a similar concept. I’m sure they all know how to use Photoshop.

Does Your Social Media Accurately Represent You?

Social media can be considered a reflection of the individual who created the account. The information and images shared all speak about the person from their point of view. However, what would it be like if somebody else was responsible for setting up or managing your social media? Consider this… the image an individual has of themselves might be very different from the way they are perceived by others. Accordingly, the way an individual is presented through social media may give off a much different impression than the one that is self constructed. Just recently, Dove released a YouTube video with image as its central focus. The video depicted an experiment on how differently women perceive themselves and how others see them. A former forensic artist was used to blindly sketch each woman twice. The first drawing would depict the way the woman described herself and the second drawing would portray the same woman from a different person’s description. By the end of the study, both drawings of each woman were compared side by side. Overwhelmingly, the self described image portrayed women as more down trodden and haggard than the unbiased third person point of view. The concept behind Dove’s video was fascinating, but could it go further? Everyday, users of social media are putting forth an image of themselves. Often times, people can be their own worst critic because of a low self esteem. On the other hand, there are those who believe they can do no wrong and have an unwarranted ego and an inflated sense of self importance. If these individuals are responsible for the production of their own image through social media it stands to reason that we may be receiving an image that is not entirely accurate. A well adjusted college student with good grades and generally prioritized life style may be selling the image of a party going wild child if their social media only shows those kinds of pictures. Someone

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who thinks little of themselves may post self deprecating comments about themselves even if they have plenty to feel good about or take pride in. The egotist can trump up their meager accomplishments to make it sound like the world would stop functioning if they weren’t there to govern things. If a user’s social media was created and even managed by an unbiased third part, would viewers get a more accurate image? This could dismiss the idea of social media as a medium of self expression but it might help cut down on the confusion or uncertainty of someone you haven’t personally met. Constructing an accurate image by a third party probably only applies to personal social media. Online marketing companies make a business out of spinning image for brands all the time. Commercially manufactured images may reflect a degree of accuracy, but the primary purpose of this kind of social media usage is to show what the company wants you to see.

Will Pinterest Analytics Make Pinning Worthwhile?

Images seem to be all the rage these days with Instagram growing like wild fire and YouTube serving as the second largest search engine to date. Pinterest however always seems to lack in any type of social media ‘street cred’ being labeled as a ‘girl’s site.’

Lucky for social media agencies that reap the benefits of Pinterest for their clientele, Pinterest is now capable of producing data that measures traffic and analytics. Pinterest Web Analytics is a tool that will allow businesses to see how many visitors the content-sharing service is referring to their sites.

According to Pinterest’s website, the first feature, which shows data on how many people have pinned from a site, the number of views each pin has, and how many users have visited a site from Pinterest, is available for free today for companies with a verified Web site – meaning, if you’re Pinterest is a ghost town, don’t bother.

Why is Pinterest Web Analytics important?

Like anything else social media related, businesses need a form of measurement to value any type of social media activity. From Twitter to Google Analytics, traffic data expresses a value of worth for your brand. Most online marketing companies will produce a monthly report on your social activity to give you an idea of what is trending with your fan base.

Such analytics like Google will give you the overall run down as far as traffic but data pulled directly from Pinterest will show your client just how well their brand is performing on that particular site.

You can measure tweets, likes and views; why not pins?  Data like this can help your brand gain focus on the types of content that matters on current social media platforms.

But does Pinning really matter?

Absolutely. No matter what platform you use, there is potential for activity that could generate revenue. Just because you never use the 5/16 socket, doesn’t mean you never will. Utilizing Pinterest’s visual presentation will only help your brand.

If you haven’t installed Google Analytics or are not using any type of analytics program, you brand might be in danger of losing social media value.

Lean In: How Social Media Wives Break Out of Domestic Roles

Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Lean In is once again sparking the debate over whether or not women can “have it all.”  As a mother of four (yes four!) children and a marketing agency owner, I endure the neverending mental roller coaster all working mothers do, asking myself “Am I doing this FOR my family or at the expense of my family?”  I live this debate every day.

Historically, men have “had it all.” No one ever faults a man for working “to provide for his family” and being a father. No one has ever questioned if a man can do both. This, of course, is because historically there was someone to make his entire life “go” by taking care of his home, his children and everything else.

However as women increase their contributions to the finances, and ease the burden on men, why are we not seeing an equal and expected rise in the number of their male counterparts in the domestic arena to ease the burden of women?  I often marvel at the fact that no one seems to be focusing on how to tip that scale. Why have we failed to ask the men to step forward domestically in this feminist debate? Our continuing to focus ONLY on the women’s roles is an act of inequality in itself that defies the very movement that always boasts real progress.  Instead of just focusing on women in the workplace, we need to discuss the missing  half of the equation: men in the home.

I am incredibly tired of watching women scramble to do it all because they are trying to prove that they are deserving of having it all. Many women have fallen into “the trap” – they have added professional responsibilities to their plate without expecting contributions in the domestic arena.  Women are scolded for having nannies, or housekeepers or “help” yet no one points out that these women are hiring outside resources to do what her partner could be stepping up to help doing. While there are volumes of books like Sheryl’s dedicated to how women are evolving, there has been little to NO discussion on how men’s roles need to change in tandem.

One of the major reasons I am able to “have it all” is because I have a husband that has stepped up to support a modern woman. He has helped filled the gaps in our family – making us an evolved and complete family unit. Much to my traditional father’s shock, my husband will come home from work and help with homework, fold laundry on the weekends, run a vacuum, or go on a field trip, etc.  My three business partners represent the same modern man – they go from C-level executives to housekeeper, dinner chef, tooth fairy, bath-giver, boo-boo fixer, etc. to support their working wives and make sure their children have everything they need; creating families that have it all, because both partners are taking equal responsibility in the goal of the modern feminist movement.

These modern men should be appreciated – but at the same time, this is not a miracle – it is how it SHOULD be. The question is not “can women have it all?” but “how do the sexes work together to create families that have it all?” Women are taking on “men’s jobs” of financially providing; it only makes sense that men step up and take on some of the “women’s jobs” to continue to have the same resources at home. Feminism is just as much about the evolving man as it is the woman.

There has been absolutely no progress for the feminist movement if we still have higher expectations for women than men, or demand more from women to justify their having it all. In fact, the way this feminist movement is going we are just recreating the same problem in a different form.  Instead of continuing to criticize the modern women or debate how they spend their days, perhaps it’s time we talk about TRUE equality through the equal participation of their male counterparts not only in the workplace but at home.  If not, we continue to perpetuate the same unbalanced expectations of women – just a new version of the same inequality.

WWE Network: Social Media Bang or Bust?

After watching Social Media SmackDown two Fridays ago, my views on the World Wrestling Entertainment’s networking skills are none too high. In fact, I’d make the claim that they are better off backing out of the race before the gunshot’s fired. Even though I have a less-than-exceptional view of WWE’s social media outing so far, I remain optimistic. It seems like I have to be that way, especially with a speculated WWE network about to be unveiled.

Vince McMahon, chairman and CEO of the wrestling conglomerate, recently delivered a statement about this possible WWE channel. He said that the network would be launched in practically all markets, not just in the United States but internationally as well. He would go on to say that it would, “…take advantage of our presence online and in social media.” Considering that WWE’s presence in social media hasn’t been that great, it’s hard to hold out a lot of hope.

Where exactly would social media marketing focus in on the network? Well, thanks to WWE’s proposed media presence, it’s going to come in handy in the development of digital products. If you’re a fan of mobile gaming, for example, you may be interested. Whether the mobile content stands as actual premium content like full-fledged games or simple trivia apps that are only worth a dollar or so remains to be seen.

WWE’s constant social media usage is like going to a diner, receiving meatloaf instead of prime rib, and going back next week because you want to give it another chance. That’s what I feel like I’m doing with this company and its obvious lack of sight with websites like Facebook and Twitter. As much as WWE has burned me – as well as other wrestling fans – in the realm of networking, I’d like to see them do better.

I’m going to try and remain as optimistic as possible and hope that this network, if it comes into fruition, catches on. If it happens, I’ll gladly eat my virtual hat and Tweet about it while I dine on the Velcro strap.

Infographic: SEO Factors for Small Businesses

When it comes to key SEO tactics for small businesses with a local following, local search is becoming more important as a part of your online marketing strategy. And particularly, there are a number of factors that can contribute to your success—or failure—in local search marketing. Ace Plumbing is a great example of a business that’s doing it right. Let’s take a look at how you can apply these same techniques to your own local search strategy. Do you have a Google Places page? A quality Google Places page is one of the most important factors for gaining local search visibility. But you have to do it right. For starters, make sure your phone numbers match up—and don’t have more than one Places page with the same phone number, or even the same physical address. It makes it look like you’re trying to game the system and confuses searchers. That’s just one component of a successful local search marketing plan. Take a look at what Ace Plumbing has done right, learn how you can replicate the company’s success, and find out what you should avoid in the below infographic.

diy seo info graphic


UpCity is a robust SEO Software and education platform. Learn more about UpCity Local SEO Report Card at UpCity.com.