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4 Common Types of Business Websites

4 Common Types of Business Websites

When an individual is in the preliminary stages of building a business, they must consider establishing a presence as early as possible. This can be done with a high-quality website that features vital information and user-friendly functionality alike. Qualities such as these can be implemented by a professional web design agency, no matter the specifications or requirements clients have in mind. Regardless of what the end product will look or function like, it’s important for every business to have a website that users can easily access.

Business websites boast diversity from one platform to the next. In other words, no two sites are going to look exactly the same. Furthermore, they may prioritize certain functions over others, whether it’s providing information or the ability to sell products and services. This doesn’t even begin to cover aesthetic components ranging from color palates to font styles. As an aspiring business owner, you must determine what type of website will suit your interests best. Here are 4 common categories to consider early in the design and development process.

Blogs – When it comes to business websites, blogs are perhaps the easiest to build. From SquareSpace to WordPress, there are many free and paid options that can be used. Blogs are designed with the purpose of hosting written content, providing value that not only enhances the user experience but bolsters the companies associated with said blogs. Furthermore, their content is updated regularly, whether once a week or at more frequent intervals. Blogs offer multiple benefits. In addition to their ability to build trust and authority, blogs can help with SEO, provided the content is optimized properly. When blog posts are smartly crafted, using the right keywords and links, they can do wonders for search engine rankings and traffic. For assistance in optimizing content, not just with blogs but any and all forms of digital media, it may be in your best interest to consult a Long Island SEO agency.

4 Common Types of Business Websites

Educational Websites – There are certain companies, such as those in the insurance industry, that may be more focused on education than what blogs typically provide. In this instance, the design and development of an educational website is recommended. An educational website’s purpose is to provide a learning experience that engages the user and keeps them informed on different topics. The learning experience in question can be carried out in different ways, too. Among the most common is the publishing of official documents such as whitepapers, which are detailed reports that help with problem-solving and decision-making. However, it’s not uncommon for websites to “gamify” education, either through interactive videos or browser-based games, just to name a few examples. Digital media has had a profound impact on how people consume information; educational web design is an extension of this.

Portfolio Websites – Perhaps a business is more focused on providing visual media, such as paintings, drawings, and other artistic work. Such a business would be wise to invest in a portfolio website, which is meant to help display an array of work to a wide audience. Portfolio websites have become commonplace in the food and beverage industry, too. It’s not unfathomable for an experienced chef to operate a website where they present their best dishes. These culinary creations will then catch the attention of those that may be interested in learning more about them. While there are many websites that place emphasis on text and the written word, others allow visuals to do the work. The importance of portfolio websites in multiple industries can’t be understated.

Ecommerce Websites – As digital media continues to evolve, so will the ways in which people acquire goods and services. Though ecommerce has been implemented for years, one may argue that it took on a greater level of importance once the COVID-19 pandemic began. Thus, ecommerce websites should be prioritized by companies that plan to operate on a broader level. Ecommerce sites help streamline transactions, particularly in areas where said goods and services aren’t readily available. If a consumer doesn’t live near a location where they’re sold, they can simply put in an order that will be shipped to them in a matter of days. The best ecommerce websites provide multiple methods of payment, in addition to recommended additions based on items added in shopping carts. These are just a few features that make the best ecommerce sites stand out.

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