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5 Benefits of User-Generated Content to Know

Benefits of User-Generated Content

By definition, user-generated content is any sort of content that’s created by users, hence the name, rather than brands or companies. Such examples of UGC include, but aren’t limited to, text posts, social media images, and video reviews. Anyone that frequents social networking platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and other such sites has come across this type of content in one variation or another. Businesses that have yet to leverage this should take the steps to do so. There are numerous benefits of user-generated content that yield long-lasting, positive results, which is why many content marketing agencies include it in their strategies.

User-generated content serves multiple purposes across the board. While one user may develop UGC to express their satisfaction or displeasure about a product or service they invested in, another user may build content to promote something they’ve been commissioned to. UGC offers outlets to their users and it’s just as important to know how it can help businesses as well. The benefits of user-generated content are numerous. For new and experienced marketers alike, here are just 5 of the benefits in question that may convince you to shift your promotional efforts.

1. Trustworthiness – One of the main benefits of user-generated content is that it’s trustworthy. Most consumers find that content developed by individuals, as opposed to brands, is more engaging. When a user reads a review by someone that has purchased and genuinely enjoyed a specific product, they’ll be more inclined to make the same investment, as they know the feedback is authentic. If a user feels as though they’re not being pitched something, but instead consuming information that relates to them, they’re more likely to tune in. The validity of UGC, in the eyes of the average user, can’t be denied.

2. Consumer-Focused – To continue the discussion started at the last point, user-generated content is consumer-focused. It puts a business’s audience front and center, allowing them to do the talking for them. UGC promotes the idea that businesses can work alongside their valued customers, providing information in a fashion that other methodologies cannot. The ability to position real-life people front and center is among the notable benefits of user-generated content.

Benefits of User-Generated Content

3. Engaging – Another reason to prioritize user-generated content is the fact that it generates high engagement. When an image is posted on Instagram, it’s more likely to generate likes and comments if it’s posted by a consumer rather than a business. The same can be said for user-developed video content, ensuring that viewers stay until said content’s conclusion. One of the key performance indicators, or KPIs, of digital content is engagement. As such, UGC ensures that this particular KPI remains high.

4. SEO Growth – With search engine optimization being a critical part of digital marketing as a whole, it may interest businesses to know that user-generated content plays a role in SEO growth. There are a few reasons for this, too. First, as stated earlier, UGC is highly engaging; for this reason, users will stay on-site for longer stretches of time, which plays a pivotal role in healthy SEO. Second, UGC of all types, from blog posts to video descriptions, can be populated with certain keywords, which helps with rankings and SEO growth in general. If SEO is an area where your business is lacking, UGC will provide a boost.

5. Cost-Effective – Perhaps most importantly, depending on one’s marketing budget, cost-effectiveness is among the top benefits of user-generated content. As businesses have multiple departments that require funding, it’s easy for marketing to be left by the wayside. With UGC, however, affordable or even free publicity will be gained. Furthermore, UGC is unique because of how many people take part in writing posts, publishing videos, designing images, and creating all sorts of content. In short, not only does UGC save businesses money but time as well.

As stated earlier, these are just 5 of the benefits of user-generated content, across multiple forms of media. It allows users to express their thoughts and provide information based on products or services they’ve used. For businesses, UGC can serve as an extension of digital marketing efforts. Are you looking to expand your marketing to include other types of content? It may be in your best interest to request a consultation from an Internet marketing agency to determine if UGC is right for you.

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