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Social Media Influencers: 5 Key Traits to Recognize

Social Media Influencers

Do you listen to a podcast, watch a YouTube user’s videos immediately after they drop, or follow a particular celebrity on social media? If so, you may have seen them showcase unique products and services they’ve used in the past. Whether it’s a nutritional system, a piece of software that makes life easier, or any other such product or service, you may be interested enough to learn more. This is the work of an influencer marketing agency at play and their efforts play a collective role in the digital media world we live in today. Social media influencers can provide companies with highly targeted marketing that other strategies can’t provide.

This leads to the discussion of social media influencers, which are found on various platforms. YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch are just a few examples of where these men and women can be found. Not only are they popular for the content they provide their audiences with, but they expertly market directly to them. As a result, they can serve companies well if they intend to increase exposure and, by proxy, sales. Here are the 5 key traits to recognize in regard to social media influencers across all platforms.

Personable – First, and foremost, social media influencers should be personable. In other words, others should feel as though they can relate to who’s speaking to them on some level. For example, a user may watch a YouTube video about purchasing a home. They are more likely to take guidance from someone who has the same approach or tastes that they do. Furthermore, if the individual speaking to them comes across as professional or friendly, their insight will be given more weight. When defining a social media influencer, a personable approach is essential.

Knowledgeable – Next, social media influencers are knowledgeable concerning the areas they specialize in. Case and point, a fashion designer on Instagram should be in tune with the latest trends ranging from footwear to seasonal attire and beyond. If a fashion designer expresses such a level of expertise online, the endorsements they share are going to be given that much more validity by their audience. The same logic applies to influencers across all industries, technology, real estate, and fitness included. If a social media influencer exhibits extensive knowledge about the industry they work in, their efforts will be all the more effective.

Creative – Another factor that separates reputable social media influencers from the rest is creativity. Not only should they be approachable and intelligent, as stated earlier, but the content and the ways in which they advertise online should be creative. To better illustrate this point, a sports podcaster may be tasked with endorsing a new energy drink. Instead of simply saying what said energy drink is, they may wish to advertise it in a personable way, detailing how it helped them, what their energy levels were like beforehand, as well as any additional benefits the drink can provide. Creativity and influencer marketing operate in tandem.

Social Media Influencers

Engaged – Social media influencers are known for being engaged with their audiences, too. It’s not enough to simply post a video or share an image of a product or service being advertised. Influencers must be able to engage their audiences across all platforms. When a user leaves a comment or question that an online influencer responds to, said user will feel a connection. Engagement should be consistent across all platforms, including responses to social media posts and real-time verbal reactions on live streams.

Trustworthy – Lastly, social media influencers are regarded for their trustworthiness. After all, if an individual doesn’t feel like an influencer carries authority in their respective field, they’re less likely to stay engaged. There are multiple ways that influencers build trust with their audiences. Such methods include, but aren’t limited to, creating high-quality content, interacting with their audiences, as well as other methods that haven’t even been detailed here. Trust takes time to build but the long-term value it possesses can’t be ignored.

These are just a few of the key traits that social media influencers will be recognized by. The weight that their words, as well as their marketing efforts, carry is invaluable. In fact, if you’re a retail owner or an agency that works with retailers, you may be interested in implementing influencer marketing strategies of your own. To this end, it’s recommended that you speak to a trusted online marketing firm. They will conduct such steps as audience research and outreach, ensuring that your marketing dollars are invested wisely.

About fishbat: fishbat is a full-service social media and email marketing company that takes a holistic business approach to their clients’ digital marketing programs. The fishbat team understands the importance of business principles just as well as the nuances of the latest digital technologies. fishbat offers every digital marketing service available from digital marketing research and planning to brand development to website and asset creation through social media management and search engine optimization programs – all custom calibrated for both B2B and B2C businesses.

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