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5 Tips for Best Marketing Practices During the COVID Crisis


During the COVID crisis, it’s essential that businesses maintain their marketing efforts. This isn’t to say that the preexisting strategies should persist, especially if they heavily emphasize products and services. Instead, they must be modified in light of the crisis in question. With the help of a digital marketing company, a business will not only be able to continually promote but produce business in the long term. As one may imagine, the best practices of today aren’t the same as those that have been used during prior months.

Perhaps the best advice that can be given, especially early on the development of new marketing strategies, is to put others first. There is a sense of uncertainty around the world and it’s everyone’s responsibility to prioritize the wellbeing of others. This mindset applies to all business endeavors, such as marketing. To maintain promotional efforts during the COVID crisis, here are 5 of the best marketing practices that should be adopted.


Be Thoughtful

One of the most important steps to follow, when developing a marketing strategy during the current COVID crisis, is to be thoughtful. To be more specific, provide valuable information to the audience being targeted instead of solely focusing on products and services. Consider that, at this point, more people will be more mindful of money, meaning that spending won’t be a high priority. Instead of simply promoting items to be purchased, offer useful information that said audience can use. For example, a real estate agency may temporarily pivot from selling homes to focus on articles and whitepapers discussing industry information. Thoughtful marketing, regardless of the industry being focused on, will be recommended by any social media agency.

Use Gentler Language

In the current climate, language matters, especially when utilized by businesses. When creating marketing materials, such as press releases, infographics, and web design copy, be cautious with language. Certain terms that relate to health, specifically when they don’t apply to the products or services being showcased, should be abstained from. It’s safe to assume that an audience won’t wish to be reminded of current events, as they’re likely to be going through said events in some form or fashion. By putting oneself in a potential consumer’s shoes, a marketer will be able to better determine what language should be omitted from future marketing materials. In simplest terms, language matters.

Select Images with Care

In addition to thoughtful content that has a gentler sentiment behind it, complementary images must be used as well. Images are recommended for all content creation efforts, as they both provide further context to what’s being read and enhance content as a whole. Know the moods that certain colors emote; blue, for example, is known for being a calmer, more serene hue, which makes it commonplace for marketing efforts. Yellow can also be used due to how it’s often perceived as cheerful or upbeat. When it comes to specific content, images that feature crowds of people should be avoided, as they go against the aforementioned thoughtful marketing. Keep these ideas in mind when selecting images.

Ensure that Information is Accurate

When developing marketing materials related to COVID, all information should be accurate. It’s essential to be thoughtful, as mentioned earlier, but it’s just as essential to use accurate information. One of the ways that this can be done is by referencing medical journals or websites that report on current events. The Centers for Disease Control website is a good place to begin, as it has a detailed rundown on COVID information from when it began to the present day. Doublecheck medical information before incorporating it into marketing content.

Revisit Current Marketing Efforts

As current marketing efforts persist, schedule time in the future to revisit them. There are a few questions to ask to either affirm that they are still effective or may benefit from fine-tuning. Is the content being presented to others still relevant? Does the language need to be changed? Can current marketing materials be made more effective with different images? It’s recommended that marketing efforts be revisited on either a biweekly or monthly basis. One of the advantages that digital marketing offers, compared to traditional media, is the ability to pivot at a moment’s notice. Businesses must use this to their advantage to guarantee that solid efforts are maintained.

With these practices, businesses will be able to effectively market themselves during the COVID crisis. Outside of supporting these efforts, it’s recommended that a business stays on top of the news regarding the crisis. Understand how it impacts businesses and adjust efforts to better prepare for the future. By following these tips, thoughtful marketing practices that yield results will come to fruition. In the current climate, the question that every company should ask is, “how can I help others?” The practices discussed here will provide the answer.

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