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5 Types of Press Releases for Online Marketing Success

Types of Press Releases

What began as a form of what’s now known as traditional media, press release writing has carried over into digital media in a major way. In fact, it’s fair to say that press releases are among the most prevalent forms of promotional content, providing stories and insight to those with certain interests. It’s easy to see why online marketing companies have not only adopted press content writing but provide it as a service to their clients as well. To ensure the highest level of online marketing success, here are 5 types of press releases to consider.

New Hire Release – One of the most common types of press releases, whether in traditional or digital media, details a new hire. This is most commonly distributed when a company sees a change in leadership or direction, such as the hiring of a new CEO or high-level exclusive. From there, the release may detail the new hire’s employment history, in addition to any accolades that they achieved in the industry. This is a notable type of press release because it often indicates a change in the direction of business. It also provides a level of transparency that many avid readers will appreciate, strengthening the bond between a business and its consumer.

Award Release – Are you a business owner that was recently announced for an award, whether it’s in regard to your entrepreneurship, the consumer satisfaction of your company, or any other noteworthy accolade? If so, it’s safe to assume that you’d like to inform the public about it, which is where an award release can prove useful. Industry awards are common and serve multiple purposes. These range from boosting a business’s online marketing to acquiring promising leads as a result of an award release’s publicity. Oftentimes, award releases are accompanied by quotes and statements from business owners, which makes said releases feel more personal. Keep this in mind to make your release stand out that much more.

Rebranding Release – It’s not unfathomable for a company to rebrand itself after a certain length of time has passed. Keep in mind that rebranding is done due to various reasons. These include, but aren’t limited to, a change in ownership, a recent merger, or a matter of keeping up with the times. Regardless, when the time comes, it may be worthwhile to distribute a rebranding press release. This is one of the most newsworthy types of press releases, especially if a company has been identified a certain way for years. It may take time for the public to become more familiar with the new brand, so informing them via news distribution is integral.

Types of Press Releases

Event Release – If your business is going to hold an event or will be part of an event with several other companies, it would make sense to get the news out as early as possible. This brings us to one of the other types of press releases known simply as event releases. These detail the specifics of events being held, the activities that are scheduled to take place, key figures that will be in attendance, and times and dates of the events themselves. Furthermore, by distributing an event release, you have the opportunity to increase attendance, which will help your business by proxy.

Partnership Release – It takes time to form a business partnership, with negotiations potentially lasting months before pen is put to paper. With that said, once a partnership between two parties is forged, it’s worth investing in one of the most integral types of press releases. Partnership releases inform the public of two parties beginning their work together, as well as any relevant changes that should be made available to the public. Tell the public why this union was forged and what the intended goals are. Customers will become aware of any changes that benefit them, allowing your business to produce more content as well.

The benefits of press releases, regardless of the content they present, are numerous. Among other things, they’re capable of reaching your target audience in ways that other content cannot, not to mention building your brand so that it’s more recognizable by the masses. Are you a company looking to get more news stories and content out but lack the resources to do so? Consider speaking to a content marketing agency in your area. They’ll tailor content based on your audience’s behaviors and interests, ensuring that it effectively reaches your target group.

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