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5 Ways Tumblr Can Boost Your Brand

​When it comes to business matters for any online marketing company, Tumblr is a social media channel that seems to go largely overlooked.

When it comes to business matters for any online marketing company, Tumblr is a social media channel that seems to go largely overlooked.

This isn’t to say that the site isn’t useful, though, as it can prove to be exactly that when in the hands of the right authorities. It simply does not have the same level of popularity as some of the heavy hitters like Facebook and Twitter which arguably stand as the two leading platforms on the social media marketing mountain.

However, there are ways to utilize Tumblr if a brand were to look into increasing its awareness. While it is a more underground site by comparison to other social channels, it has a usefulness that cannot be denied.

Here are five ways Tumblr can boost your brand:

1. You can make the most out of tags.

Whenever you create an account, the ability to make posts on your company’s behalf will feature the addition of tags. While they are optional, it’s strongly recommended that you utilize them since those who search for certain keywords will have an easier time picking up on them.

For example, if you are running a steakhouse, chances are that you will want to place related terms such as “cooking” and “steak” in the tags section. The more fitting your tags are, the more likely it is that potential consumers will see your page and your posts.

2. It’s easy to engage other blogs and users who are in your field.

Any online marketing company can attest to the idea that the best way to build credibility in your given field is to network. You will want to communicate with those very people, and one of the best ways to do this is to actively search for reputable blogs.

While it might seem like a challenge on a largely hobbyist site like Tumblr, there are legitimate blogs that attempt to reach an audience through its content. It is up to you to not only comment on posts but like and reblog them as well. Reblogging is more important, though, as this will allow posts to attract the attention of more people. This will also boost your reputation in whatever industry you find yourself in.

3. The best layout for your blog is subjective.

Typically, people are going to come across new Tumblr posts through either their own news feeds or the search function. What this means is that users will see much of the standard blue background that Tumblr is known for.

However, if users are inclined to visit your blog itself, you have to select a layout that is aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, Tumblr has both paid and free options, each of them appealing to different preferences.

For example, if you want to keep the general appearance of your blog clean yet uncomplicated, there are one-column options to choose from. While the paid options are, by and large, worth their prices, the free options are nothing to sneeze at either.

4. Posts are snappy and to the point.

For those who are familiar with the channel, Tumblr shouldn’t prove to be too much of a departure. While some posts can certainly prove to be extensive, most users on the site will be more inclined to view posts that are condensed and short. With this in mind, always strive to convey whatever message you have in mind to a wide audience with as few words as possible.

However, this also means that you have to be creative as far as content is concerned. With a smaller window, it is important to not only speak about what it is that you’re offering to your target market but to do so while retaining their attention.

What are the specific kinds of posts that are best for this?

5. The best blogs on Tumblr aren’t afraid to be silly.

From GIFs to memes, Tumblr is a site that can best be described as a breeding ground for humor. It’s easy to say that anyone will be drawn in by posts that are made with a lighthearted frame of mind, but this truth is magnified several times over on Tumblr.

Not only will users like the posts that make them smile or laugh, but it is likely that they will reblog said posts as well, further extending their reach as a result.

Unless you’re willing to cut loose on the site, chances are that you won’t attain the results that you’re looking for. However, if you can approach Tumblr with a sense of humor, the odds of boosting your brand will be in your favor.

Do you use Tumblr? If so, what’s your strategy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! To connect with the fishbat team, fill out the form on our Contact Page or call us at 855-347-4228.

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