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Discord: Why It May Be Right for Your Business

Discord for Business

Discord is a messaging platform that was released in 2015. In addition to text messaging, Discord allows users to carry out voice chats and send multimedia files, just to name a few functions. At the onset, this platform was tailored toward gamers, allowing them to communicate during play and create communities that could flourish. However, over the past year or so, Discord has been adopted by other communities, ranging from film buffs to travel enthusiasts. As any social media agency can attest, however, this platform could prove beneficial for businesses as well.

Admittedly, Discord may not be the first name that comes to mind regarding communication platforms for business. After all, such names as Slack and Google Hangouts exist, and they tend to be more commonly used for business purposes. In other words, competition in the digital communication space is far from limited. However, it would be a mistake to overlook the benefits that Discord offers. For many technology firms, online marketing agencies, and other establishments that function primarily online, Discord is their number one choice of workplace networking. Keep the following talking points in mind if you, as a business owner, are considering a shift in the way that your workplace communicates.

First, creating a Discord server is easy. Upon installing the app and creating a user account, Discord servers are ready to be made. To do so, the user must click the “+” icon. From there, the user will be given a choice of various server templates – these built around gaming, art, and real-life friends, among other interests – or they can create an entirely unique server. Once a name has been assigned to the server in question, it will go live. Even those that are unfamiliar with Discord will find that establishing a server is a painless process. More so, it’s entirely free to create multiple Discord servers under one account, providing that much more value to business owners.

Second, Discord is versatile in how big servers can become. In fact, it’s not unfathomable for any given server to have up to 20,000 members, if not more, online at a time. However, a server can also have as few as five people active at once. What this means is that Discord is versatile enough to handle different levels of usage. Keep in mind that, at a certain point, one may need to contact Discord’s customer support to add more members. This won’t be necessary until a server reaches 25,000 active users at once, though, so it may take time for this point of activity to be reached, if at all.

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Third, Discord works across multiple devices. For businesses, what this means is that regardless of where Discord is accessed, everything will carry over from device to device. Most people will use this platform on their smartphones and computers, especially during business hours, but this doesn’t mean that one can’t check in elsewhere. For example, an Xbox or PlayStation owner can wrap up a gameplay session before checking in on their Discord through either game console’s dedicated app. When it comes to cross-functionality, Discord stands out from other communication platforms.

Fourth, Discord provides bots that offer useful benefits. Discord’s bots are often used to help servers become friendlier or more lighthearted. With that said, there are a few bots that, if implemented, can help from a business standpoint. Case and point, the MEE6 bot is touted as the most “complete” offered by Discord. Its main feature is to provide roles to server members, whether administrative or otherwise. MEE6 also includes a system where users can “level up,” depending on their usage, which will incentivize them that much more to utilize Discord as a communication platform. Research Discord’s seemingly limitless number of bots to see which ones are right for your new server.

Fifth, and finally, Discord offers additional premium perks. Most of the standard offerings, including creating servers and sharing files, are available at no upfront cost. One of the main reasons Discord is considered by businesses is that there is no pay-per-user system in place. Therefore, expenses are lessened. However, the platform offers a premium subscription plan in the form of Discord Nitro. Among the features offered in a Nitro subscription are HD video sharing and the ability to send files as big as 100MB. For businesses that regularly communicate online, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic as remote work has become the norm, Nitro may be a worthwhile upgrade to consider.

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